What You Think Happens Versus What Actually Happens at Girls’ Nights

By: Zeina El Mofty

Over-lined red lips, hair down, hoops on and ready to go. A night full of pouty pictures, endless laughs, optional crying and a hell of a lot of gossip. Unnecessarily loud giggles in public places of women who look excessively confident yet seem so gullible and lonely. A night usually accompanied by drinks in movies but I’m tryna keep it realistic cause we’re in Egypt. A night that may or may not be extended in a way in which the outing slowly morphs into a sleepover. The sleepover gives more space for gossip, more catalysts for crying (like watching Me Before You) and of course the infamous pillow fights. Am I right, ladies?

No. I am not right. This is absolutely mehalabeya bel bateekh. Literally the most stereotypical girl’s night that could possibly cross your mind. I mean, of course a minority of each of these things I mentioned, we actually do but it’s not why “girl’s night” is “girl’s night”.  

You can’t just let movies put this image of a “girl’s night” in your head and convince you that it’s always like that. 

Allow me to walk you through two of my absolute favorite girl’s nights so you’d maybe get what I mean.

Imma start with the more obvious. 

Yes we decided to go out looking bomb. Yes we took a few pictures. Okay a lot of pictures. Yes we laughed and talked and okay, a lil gossip don’t hurt no body, but seriously it’s nowhere near what you’re imagining night now. We did sleep over together that night but pillow fights are not even a thing, we didn’t watch movies and we most definitely did not cry over boys if you’re that shallow of a person and thought about it 🙂 What we did was that we ate, a lot. We laughed, A LOT. Seriously we can be too funny at times. And finally, we danced till we went breathless. We looked like a bunch of possessed pigeons dancing at dusk, it’s a lil creepy but ok. 

Realistically speaking though, our girl’s night is rarely like this bardo.

Girl’s night, day 2 : We decided to go out at our absolute optimum tomboy form. Sweat pants on, sweat shirt on, crocs would be a bonus too and hair tied up. It didn’t really matter what we looked like at this point, only dress-code that night is to look comfortable. We went to a one of these cafes where you get to game and stuff. Loud music, a teeny tiny bit of FIFA 2019 and a pretty large bit of WWE and again, obviously, lotsa laughs, all night. 

So yea, the reality of a “Girl’s night“ is that it has no criteria. It’s not necessarily for it to be a night uslan. It’s just a carefree meet up where we do whatever the hell we want. But then again, isn’t that how every other outing is supposed to be like anyway?

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