Ramadan 2019’s Mosalsalat Guide

By: Rawan Khalil

Ramadan is approaching and before we know it we will be staying up till 3 waiting for fasting to start, and waiting eagerly till 6-ish for the athan. But, in between the obvious Ramadan rituals of eating, and excessive eating of course there is another almost staple ritual which is watching mosalsalat ramadan whether on TV, Shahid or Youtube to kill the long hours of fasting, the breaks between our studies, or for the lucky ones el fada el 3alamy beta3 el summer break.

So, what have we got cooked up for us this year?

1. Qabeel

Amina Khalil is blessing our screens once again with Mohamed Mamdouh and Mohamed Farag in a series which seems to already stand out from most series which are going to be on our screens this Ramadan. So, from what has been known of the story is that it’s a murder investigation were the detective keeps hallucinating the ghost of the murdered girl which makes him more keen to solve the crime.

I am genuinely so excited for this as I literally love the cast so much (ahem ahem Amina Khalil- we share the same last name it’s meant to be).

Cast: Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Mohamed Farag, Noha Abdin and Aly El Tayeb

Genre: Thriller, Crime.

Channel(s): MBC Masr

2. Kalabsh 3

I am guessing the first two seasons have been very successful because egyptians love getting high on suffocating male hormones. So, Ansari (Amir Karara) after all that he has been through. He then co-finds a private security service as a partnership, but he continually fights with his partner.  

Cast: Amir Karara, Ashraf Meslehi, Nabil Nour Eddin, Hala Fakher

Genre: Thriller, Action

Channel(s): MBC 4, OSN, ON-E

3. Zay El Shams

Dina El Sherbiny sister loses her husband and is mourning his loss and they start searching for his killer.

Cast: Dina El Sherbiny, Sawsan Badr, Ahmed Dawoud, Riham AbdelGhafour, Ahmed Malek and Ahmed Salah El Saadany

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Channel(s): MBC Masr

4. Badal El Hadouta Talata

Donia Samir Ghanem hatmawetna mn el de7k with not 1 but 3 different characters in one series each of them getting 10 episodes, and the second one being Lahfa- yes you’ve read this right!

Cast: Donia Samir Ghanem, Shaimaa Saif, Samir Ghanem, Bayoumi Fouad, Dalal AbdelAziz and Ahmed Rizk

Genre: Comedy

Channel(s): MBC 4, CBC, OSN

5. Le Akher Nafas 

An engineer is married to a police officer and they have three children. They lead a unique family. Comedy queen Yasmine Abdelaziz doing an action series? It’s definitely something we want to see.

Genre: Drama

Cast: Yasmin Abdelaziz, Mohamed Ezz, Fathi AbdelWahab, and Awatef Helmy

Channel(s): Dubai Al Oula, Al-Hayah

6. El Brincessa Beessa 

I do not know if I am more scared or excited for this one. I love Mai Ezz Eldin and her versatility as an actress which she obviously portrays in this series by playing an old and a young character, but I am getting alsh rekhees vibes so I am not exactly sure (fingers crossed).

Cast: Mai Ezz Eldin, Mervat Amin, Suliman Eid and Bousy

Genre: Comedy

Channel(s): Al-hayah

7. Hekayti

They gave Yasmine Sabry her own mosalsal-okay? A young girl is traumatized by her father passing away, she grows up in a life laced with family problems until she finds the love of her life, which is never a smooth story.

Cast: Yasmin Sabry, Ahmed Bedeir, Edward, and Wafaa Amer

Genre: Drama

Channel(s): CBC, DMC, ART Hekayat, ON-E

8. Super Miro

This could end up being a complete disaster or a laughing fest. I do not know but here is Amy Samir Ghanem playing a superhero. I seriously hope this doesn’t end up a disaster.

Cast: Emy Samir Ghanem, Malak Koura, Hamdi El Merghany and Mohamed Mahmoud

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Channel(s):  TEN tv, Dubai Al Oula, El-Nahar

9. Al-Kateb

To say I am excited for this would be an understatement. I love love love Bassel Khayat, and we are getting more of him with Daniella Rahme after the amazing Tango last year, I am expecting a mindblowing dynamic series, and an exhilarating love story. Yes, this is the first love story on the list and not only that and the first to be on Netflix- YES IT’S CRAZY! So, Daniella plays the role of an attorney from a rich family she is in love with this writer, his stories- she gets lost in them. Then, one day he is accused of the murder of an actress and she takes his case.

Cast: Basel Khayat, Daniella Rahme, Nada Abou Farhrat

Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama

Channel(s): LBC, LDC, Netflix, Abu Dhabi

10. Zelzal

In 1992 an earthquake demolishes an entire village, and a man’s house gets destroyed in that earthquake, and he dies, Mohamed Ramadan his son fights for the land to not be taken away by the landlord who comes back scamming his family. Fi more testosterone mn el akher.

Cast: Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Shiha, Hanan Suliman and Ahmed Seyam

Genre: Action

Channel(s): MBC 1, Dubai Al Oula,  DMC

11. Hadoutet Morra

A twisted tale of a woman from Upper Egypt portrayed by the brilliant Ghada Abdelrazek, where her life is being threatened, all the while facing the regular society bullshit.

Cast: Ghada Abdelrazek, Magdy Kamel and Ahmed Seyam

Genre: probably drama

Channel(s): Sada El Balad, El-Nahar, El Kahera-w-El-Nas

12. Mamlaket Ebless

A queen is back with an all interesting cast backing her up,

Cast: Ghada Adel, Rania Youssef, Ahmed Dawood and Salwa Khattab

Genre: Drama

Channel(s): yet to be announced

13. Weld Al-Ghlaba

An upper-Egyptian man who lives is on the border of poverty working two jobs: A teacher at a public school during the day, and a taxi driver in the evening. But, as he still struggles he decides to take on drug dealing.

Cast: Ahmed El-Sakka, Mohammed Madouh, Edward, Mai Omar, Engy El-Mokadem and Galal El Zaki

Genre: Drama

Channel(s): MBC Masr

14. Baraka  

A man moves from Upper Egypt to live in Cairo with his mother, he starts borrowing a shit tonne of money from upper class individuals, and then when he is in great debt incapable of paying back the money he goes into some deep shit with his mum and his lover being pretty much his whole support system. It seems a bit boring but who knows.

Cast: Amr Saad, Hanady Mahny, Kamal Abu Raya and Hala Sedki

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Channel(s): CBC

15. Lams Ketaf

A boxer who used his abilities in criminal activities is eaten up by guilt and wants to quit, but he has to face the mobsters he used to work for. He definitely did not think this one through. Who will win this fight?

Cast: Yasser Galal, Caroline Khalil, Hanan Metawea and Fathy AbdelWahab

Genre: Action

Channel(s): CBC

16. Sane3 Al Ahlam

A very refreshing series, a new idea and a new genre. This a sci-fi where this neurosurgeon tries to control other people’s dreams- I am sold!

Cast: Maxim Khalil, Mai Selim, Arwa Gouda, Ellie Metri and Gehad Saad

Genre: Science-Fiction

Channel(s): Abu Dhabi

17. Hogan

1It looks like Amy will not be the only one with superpowers this ramadan, la2eno Mohamed Emam tale3 beyshed 3arabiyat w beyetny coins and at the end of all of this he gets rich and famous. What a story?

Cast: Mohamed Emam, Karim Mohamed Abdelaziz, Asmaa Abu El-Yazeed

Genre: Action, Comedy (uh)

Channel(s): El-Hayah

18. Ibn Osool

A spoiled kid from a rich family that trades in diamonds starts hallucinating that someone wants to murder him but no one believes until it’s proven that his grandpa is actually out to get him which of course surprises him.

Cast: Hamada Helal, Emad Rashad, Ayten Amer, and Enas Kamel

Genre: Drama

Channel(s): DMC

19. El Wad Sayed Elsha7at

Betshe3 comdia, w probably alsh keteer. Ahmed Fahmi plays a working class man who marries an upper class woman. They start running from a gang which accuses him of robbing them.

Cast: Hana El Zahed, Ahmed Fahmi, Akram Hosny and Mohamed Abdelrahman

Genre: Comedy

Channel(s): ART Hekayat, Dubai Al-Oula, DMC

20. Haramlek

A. Historical. Fiction. A story which shows how the Mamalek gained control in Egypt. I am getting Hareem El-Sultan vibes and I am in.

Cast: Gamal Suliman, Dorra, Sulafa Memar, Ahmed Fahmy

Genre: Historical fiction

Channel(s): MBC

21. Prova

Maguy is playing the role of a school teacher and Ahmed Fahmy that of the headmaster of the school, nothing much has been known about the plot but I trust Maguy Bou Ghosn to make me laugh and enjoy every moment of this because of her charismatic personality which would of course create very dynamic chemistry with Ahmed.

P.S: Maguy is standing on wood and wearing heels in the poster to be anywhere close Ahmed’s height.

Cast: Maguy Bou Ghosn, Ahmed Fahmi, Wissam Sabbagh

Genre: Light comedy

Channel(s): TEN, LBC, LDC

Well, that’s a wrap with 21 series and there is definitely something for everyone, so prepare your konafa, sa7lab and blanket and enjoy a mosalsal w insha allah manes2atsh.

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