9 Breakfast Date Ideas to Change Up Your Routine This Spring Break

By: Fadila

Or rather, 9 breakfast date ideas you need to try when you can still have breakfast, Ramadan is in 2 weeks. I’m such a joy, aren’t I? Anyway, we need to get in on this, so many adventures await, and this is the perfect weather, we’re on break too, so we better not waste this, right? Read this list, go text your chosen date(s), decide on a plan of action ASAP, and get off your asses, we need some fun, we deserve some fun, shit is about to hit the fan, so let’s go!

1- Starbucks and Cruise

I don’t get how so many people have never done this, it’s like my Saturday morning ritual. Wake up, get into sweats and a comfy top, go pick up a cousin, a friend, the whole shella even, your gf/bf, and drive to the nearest Starbucks drive through. Order a cup of something strong and sweet, a sandwich or a croissant, and a donut if you’re really craving sweets that morning, turn up your favorite “hype” playlist, and jam your heart out while cruising around your area with some of the people you love most. It’s super simple, you won’t end up broke, and it’s incredibly fun.

2- A Tumblr Breakfast

I have a thing for tiny picturesque cafes. I take regular trips from Tagamoa to Zamalek just to have coffee and cake there (and the occasional ice cream). Take your girls out and go have breakfast at Holm, Cake Cafe, or even skip breakfast and go for a walk down the streets of Zamalek before settling for icecream from Gelato Mio. If Zamalek is not your thing, there’s always the Villa Baboushka x Cake Cafe at Capital Promenade in Sheikh Zayed (and that place is beyond gorgeous). There are so many other gems littered all over the country. Point is, these places look gorgeous and are mostly tiny, which means two things, really good coffee/food and guaranteed intimacy. Also, you get super cool insta pics, that has to count for something, right?

3- Nostalgia Dose at Nady

Ok, you know what kids? I miss Nady breakfasts. I don’t care if that makes me a sad old lady, but I miss it. I miss track practice at 8 AM with my team girls, followed by rigorous hours of fake matches in the court, then cooling down with iced coffee or chocolate crepe or foul and ta3meya sandwiches. As a person who spent their entire childhood between school and nady, it is a place that holds an insane amount of memories, I know it does for many of you too. So, call up your squad, be it your squad or your old team who you no longer see regularly, go for a practice game or a dip in the pool, have breakfast on the rickety plastic chairs, and reminisce. You never know, this could be all the change you need.

4- Poolside Chill

Am I the only person who likes breakfasts by either a beach or a pool? Pancakes by the pool while my “chill” playlist blares through the speakers? Pancakes and pool are my OTP (oh crap, now I sound like a 12 year-old fangirl). Whether this is something you do alone with your loved one, or with your shella, or even your sibling(s), this is always a good idea, especially because we need to be reminded of summer, if only to get through these 2 crappy months, aye? Turn up the speakers, put on your swimsuits, call your people, flip those pancakes and get that morning party started. We need it, we also deserve it.

5- “Oriental”

Foul, ta3meya, gebna b tamatem, torshy, batates me7ammara, 3eish balady? Ah, Feteer bel 3asal??? If this isn’t heaven I don’t know what is. Personally, I could eat nothing but feteer forever, feteer is life. What do you need but your loved one(s) around you, food that reeks of home and love and joy, and lots of grease? This is the perfect morning, this is home in a meal, with your chosen family, whoever they may be.

6- The Classic Paul/Lucille’s Date

This isn’t really spring break worthy in my eyes because this is what any breakfast date I can fit into my schedule looks like, but, it’s a classic. That being said, that does not mean you are limited to those restaurants, it just means this is a date idea for somewhere you’re familiar with, somewhere you have your own “spot”. So, if this is a work date or a first date date or even a cry for normalcy after a long night or a devastating week, this is it. Somewhere familiar, somewhere normal, somewhere that feels like home when you’re not home, somewhere that has seen you shoveling food in your mouth petulantly when you’re upset or drowsily slurping your morning coffee while working on that pain in the butt assignment, somewhere you deem as safe. Plus, you can always guarantee good food.

7- Downtown Adventure

My friend says, nothing screams an adventurous morning like a quiet breakfast at Eish w Malh followed by an exploratory walk down the streets of gorgeous West El Balad. I have a thing for Downtown personally, it’s a literal pool for everyone coming from everywhere, you get to see all types of people, look through all types of shops, and even stand where we all once rallied with a mission, and wonder how millions stood in such a relatively small square screaming for freedom. It’s an incredible place to be, an absolute joy to explore, and it’s so goddamn pretty I promise you’ll never want to leave. Also, Eish w Malh make lovely lovely lovely food.

8- Nile Ride?

Who the hell won’t be down for breakfast in a felucca? This is like, a recipe for a fun disaster, it sounds hella awesome. You can bring speakers to turn it up, make a picnic like breakfast even, like, lots and lots of sandwiches and chips and…snickers? ICE CREAM! and like, packs upon packs of RedBull, ok no that’s a bad idea, def something I’d do, anyway, juice and soda are aight too. Sing your heart out, munch on the picnic munchies, and take super cool pics, ok? Hey, this could totally be something of a romantic date if you take the crazy out and add flowers, lots of flowers.

9- Yareit Manwalla3sh fel Matbakh

I did this only once and we almost burned my kitchen down, hence the title. What could possibly be more fun than all your people in one kitchen attempting to cook breakfast? Dancing around in your pjs post sleepover, scrambling to find the flour, screaming Taylor Swift lyrics or (if you’ve got nicer taste) Halsey, trying not to burn down the overcrowded space, so full of laughter and joy and fun. This is the ultimate bonding experience and it’s lit, so you better get in on this.

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