I Actually Believe in the Existence of Fuckboys

By: Rawan Khalil

Fuckboys- yes I do curse, sorry Zeina.

Fuck boys: the bad boy that likes to play around. Pretty stereotypical when portrayed by movies and tv shows. They are always the guy in the leather jacket. The guy who gets high, and super drunk at every party. As if every fuck boy has to have booze in his system.

Also, they are the ones who always get in trouble in school, are usually failing most of their classes and they skip school more often than not, but they are actually an array of different people in real life and frankly enough I disagree with Zeina on this one and I believe in the existence of fuckboys.

Before, you come and attack me let me make two things clear:

One, I am not attacking Zeina I actually told her I am writing this and she approved.

Two, I do not think the “fuckboy stereotype is bad and I do not think they are bad people, but I just think it does exist. And, I also think the stereotype doesn’t exactly portray their essence the way reality does.

The fuckboy we all know is demonized by how he is portrayed by pop culture and the media. He is the bad boy. He is a jerk and an absolute dick. But, pause for a second- Is that true?

If you do search up fuckboys you will get an array of different websites saying they are assholes, or people who do not respect women, or douche bags etc, etc, etc. Basically, the internet bashes the hell out of them, because of the fact that they are guys who play around.

Let me get a few things straight:

Firstly, casual sex is a thing. People can have sex with each other purely for physical reasons with no emotional ties, or getting to know you time. A perk of the relationship without having to have the actual relationship.

We do not all have significant others. Some of us have found a person who we like and decided to get in a relationship, but there are many of us who did not so what is the harm of playing around if you have no problems with it and know how to stay safe?

We do not all want to commit to relationships. Committing to a relationship takes time, dedication and effort and as teenagers or tweens or even adults we have a shit tonne of work we are drowning in work and it is quite possible we want to have some fun and enjoy sexual activities without having to having to get a person who you have to fully commit to a person and having to sacrifice time.

Okay, hold these few thoughts and think about them for a few seconds and you will understand why some guys are fucboys, in fact, you may start to pinpoint a few that you know of.

So, here is what a fuckboy is he is a guy that wants to play around, that wants to enjoy a free sex life without being tied down going from one girl to the next. But, you know what it’s pretty possible for that to change and for him to find a person that he likes and decides to change, but until that time comes there is no harm in him having non-demanding, non-exclusive relationships with multiple people that is actually quite liberating for both partners.

I see fuckboys everyday, I hear about them from my friends, and I talk to them. I know what they like and what they want. I see them hopping from one girl to the next. Sleeping with one girl then the next for one or two nights and then moving on. Because, it is a relationship with no strings attached, but he is a fuckboy afterall. I mean it is in the name he is fucking everyone.

He is horny and he wants to have casual sex.

It’s not necessarily insecurity it is just a person who wants to satisfy his sexual pleasures with multiple people, different people. And, you have seen those people. Maybe, the label is not the best but at its heart it is true.

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