Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Party

By: Hedayette

Parties are always fun, especially if you’re the one planning them! But organizing them can be a hassle, and knowing where to start can be an even bigger one. Don’t worry, in just 6 simple steps, you’ll have an amazing party planned in no time!

Step #1: Brainstorm ideas

Getting to understand what everyone is looking for in this party is the best way to make sure that everyone is getting what they want. This can be made easier by taking in votes and asking your friends for ideas about everything from the theme and location to the time of the event. Ideas can be ranging from “girls’ night in” or a sleepover to extravagant themes like The Great Gatsby. Now you’ll be sure that everyone will be having the time of their lives!

Step #2: Plan the invite list

This is an extremely important step; make sure to invite the right people. That doesn’t necessarily mean excluding anyone, more like choosing people who you know when put together will result in everyone having a good time. Make sure to be specific if the invitees can bring their friends or not, because if you don’t, the party may get out of hand. For example, if it’s a small party, opt for inviting your close friends only, but if it’s on the bigger scale, you can invite people from outside your group, friends from school, or even people you have mutual friends with, which can in turn expand your circle as well. For some extra fun, think of creative invite ideas instead of just creating a WhatsApp group. You can send out virtual invites, or go the extra mile and make handheld ones.

Step #3: Food, food, and more food

Is a party without food a party at all? Make sure that the food available is something almost everyone likes and can enjoy. Go for stuff like pizza, burgers, or even snacks, since most people enjoy them, they’re your best friends when it comes to food selection. For a more “exotic” taste, try things like sushi or Indian, but check with everyone first to see if they’re on it. Also, remember to ask if anyone has dietary restrictions or allergies because it would be a major downer on the party if they’re unable to eat most things.

Step #4: Make the perfect playlist

Choosing the right music is one of the most important steps. Music can instantly change the atmosphere and mood of the party, so make sure that you have the perfect playlist. You can ask your friends to send you their favorite tunes to include, or even assign someone to be in charge of all music! You can also check out our playlists and use them according to your theme.

Step #5: Party favors

Who doesn’t love party favors? Party favors don’t have to be expensive at all! It can simply be a bag with a friendship bracelet, candy, accessories etc. What matters is that it’s something meaningful that will remind the guests of the amazing memories they made at your party.

Step #6: Have fun

The most important thing is that you remember to have fun, which is the whole purpose of throwing a party. Don’t stress. Relax, and make the organizing process creative and enjoyable in order to help both you and your friends have the time of your lives together!

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