6 Things That Seriously Ruin Any Relationship – Emphasis on “Seriously”

By: Malak Atwa

Last time I spoke about relationships I talked about how to maintain them and how to help them last. But, today is totally different. This is how you can ruin or break not just a relationship but possibly a human being too. And I don’t mean collateral damage, I mean it literally.

#1 Friends

Having friends is completely unacceptable when you’re in a committed relationship. Some people just can’t stand the thought of their partners having other people in their lives that they love and cherish and vise versa. In order to make your relationship last you have to get rid of them. Who would you rather have in your life? Your partner or a friend? You surely could never have both. The choice is up to you.

#2 Self-Care

Not to freak you out, but being in a committed relationship means that you have to spend every second of your day worshipping and loving the heck out of your partner. God-forbid you have a little “me time” every now and then because who will be taking care and loving your partner if you’re taking care of yourself? You have to be there for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You have to prioritize them. You have to put them in the center of your universe. If you don’t, you might just ruin the most beautiful and the most precious thing to have ever cross your path in life.

#3 Mental Breaks

Sometimes people get tired. Sometimes they need to take a break because they feel as if life is just moving to fast and they cant catch up. If you’re one of these people then you can never be in a relationship because taking breaks is a full proof plan on how to ruin and completely destroy a flourishing wonderful relationship. You can never be alone because now you have a partner and you two need to stay together forever through thick and thin even if you need a break. Just stay strong and push through your lows for their sake because that’s the only thing that matters.

#4 Individuality

In a relationship you merge two lives into one. Therefore you can’t be your own person. It will completely destroy not only your partner, but also the relationship that you’ve spent so much time working on. You don’t only merge your lives, you merge your bodies too. You are no longer an individual. You can’t ask to be your own person. It’s one of the many “unspoken rules” in dating.

#5 Sacrifices

A relationship is all about sacrifices. If you don’t sacrifice something for them – no, not in a creepy human sacrifice type of shanangin – then you don’t love them. It’s all about compromises and sacrifices. That’s simply the way it is. The way it must be.

#6 Prioritizing Yourself

God-forbid you ever do. God-forbid you ever love yourself, or prioritize yourself physically, spiritually or mentally. It’s shameful and sinful. You can’t focus on things that make you happy because you have to insure your partner’s satisfaction and happiness on top of yours. Their pleasure comes before yours. You can never say “no”.

If you don’t know what sarcasm is, well, this is it. If you’re in any sort of relationship where you feel like you related to any of the 6 things – even if you related to just one, get the hell out. There’s more, but that’s enough for now – you should know right about now that that is not love. I’m sorry if you thought it was. But, its not. I know it’s hard to believe it, but love is simple. When you love someone, you love them as a whole. Not just parts. You love the good and the bad. You don’t love them in spite of their flaws. You love their flaws. It’s a package. You take it all, or you leave it. Nothing destroys a loving relationship. Because if there is love. All is well. If there is not. Then this is what really happens.

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