The Current Struggles of Every IGCSE Student

By: Zeina El Mofty

If you’re not familiar with the term IGCSE, honestly, good for you bro. I hardly ever whine or complain but this is one of these topics I just can’t not. Being an IGCSE student my whole life, I can tell you with absolute certainty: IT IS HELL. No exaggeration. Allow me to tell you why.

  1. Making  a decision

As an IGCSE student, you got too many decisions to make, some even contradicting each other. Too many options and too many varied factors you gotta take into consideration. You got to decide whether or not you are planning to continue your secondary education abroad or not, accordingly you know how many subjects you need to take. Well, according to that and to the uni you’re planning to apply to. When you decide how many subjects you’re going to take, you then must decide what these subjects are exactly. Which include OLs, a little hard, ALs, a little harder, A2s ummm *bangs her head against the wall*.  When you (finally) decide the subjects you’ll be taking you then have to know how you’ll distribute them on your sessions most efficiently, making each session doable, easy and one that ends you up with good results. Who am I kidding it’s never doable. Ehm.  Isokai though, you planned it out khalas. Time to catch your breath, huh? Well…not so fast. Are you going to take tuitions? Which subjects? Which teachers? Two courses overlap, which are you going to let go? Urgh. *bangs her head against the wall, again*.

2. New mother-language

Isn’t sad that I have mathematics-related memes? Literally two days ago two of my friends were complimenting each other and one of them told the other a biology reference which had to do with the “Corpus Lutuem”. That’s not even the bad part. What sucks is that we actually laughed. We laughed too much.

        The way teachers talk, their body language and literally anything even slightly related to them is so familiar to each and       every one of us to an extent that we can imitate them blindly and on spot.

3. Bye Bye Summer ☺

Instagram posts and snapchat stories of the beach, tropical juice and people dancing, while you’re home solving an AS math exam, or any other god-for-saken subject you’re talking in one of your November sessions. Don’t try and convince me that it’s not that bad because, trust me, it is. Yeah we take a vacation…for two weeks only. Yeah we don’t take so many subjects, but the session is short enough to make the one or two subjects you’re taking very (very very) dense. So yeah, bye bye summer.

4. Too much and never enough

Too much work. Too much school hours. Too much subjects. Too much assignments. Too much studying. Too much stress. Too many classes. Too much tuitions. Too much “too much”s and um, no matter what you do about it, it never feels like it’s enough. Why? I believe that it’s because we don’t have enough time.

5. Your bag is almost always heavy

         Ha2ateb khalas.

I could go on and on about this but I won’t. Three reasons: enough whining for today, I probably bored you and I got to go solve 4 exams right now ,yay.

One last thing though. As much as being an IGCSE student both mentally and physically exhausting and as much as it has personally drained me, I’m glad I am one. Totally worth it. If you aren’t one, I’m sure that whatever educational system you’re in drains you to so good luck fam. Also, pray for us, will ya? And If you’re a fella IGCSE-ian too…issokai. We’ll survive – somehow.

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