The Heartbreak of Losing a Best Friend

By: Salma Mourad

Is it the girl you’ve never even trusted, but had to stick with for the sake of “3eshra” or the boy you’ve shared a few secrets with and decided to call your “best friend”? We throw this word around like confetti, to people who don’t deserve it in the slightest. Best friends have seen and loved us at our worst, they’ve also seen and loved us at our best. They’re like our personal critics, they inspire us to improve, all the while supporting our decisions. We just adore them so much, cannot imagine life without them even, and that’s why losing them is like having a huge part of our life stolen from us, almost as if you suddenly lost a limb.

Some may even say, this type of heartbreak causes more damage than a romantic one. Well yeah, I obviously agree. Finding a new partner is easier than finding a bestie. It takes years to build that comfort level you’ve reached with your best friend, and the bond you share can only be called unbreakable, whatever the reason may be, the end of a friendship is never easy. You gradually drifted or one of you hurt the other, it is simply all painful. To be able to get over this pain, accepting it and grieving the loss is a must. Express your feelings. If you want to cry, cry. Why the hell not? Anything to release the anger you’ve been bottling up. You’ll need support, and writing or talking about it is the best help you can get.

The best way to actually get something out of your head is to keep yourself distracted. Find something to do. Something you love. You’re likely crushed if something ugly happened between you two, but always remember to stay respectful. No dirty looks, no sharing secrets you only know about. Don’t throw everything you had in the garbage. You want to get over it, not create an enemy for yourself. After finally accepting the outcome, and the fact that you may never be friends again, start making new friends. You don’t expect new friends to just fall into your lap, do you? It’ll take time, effort and patience.
As a potentially new best friend, don’t look for someone who can just fill the void, just any replacement. Don’t allow for just anyone to hold that title. After all, in desperate times, we tend to blindly let bad people into our lives. But when you actually do find someone worthy of you, be a good friend. Be the friend you’ve always wanted to have.

Hey, remember how I started off of this article by naming the people we call our best friends, knowing deep down that they’re not even close to it? The people we are forced to be around or the ones that couldn’t give a crap about us, but just act like it? Are THEY our “best friends”? Losing a true best friend is painful, heartbreaking even. But is everyone we lose actually a loss? Sometimes in the depths of our hearts, we know when it just isn’t meant to be. We try too hard, for toxic people we in fact want to get rid of, but always have something holding us back.

Take a look at your best friend. If they left, would it hurt? Would their parting negatively effect you? If yes, then don’t hesitate on holding on to them. If not, if them leaving actually makes you happy, Then what are you holding on to? 

One thought on “The Heartbreak of Losing a Best Friend

  1. Boii that came in the right time, the condrum here is we are talking about one best friend, how about 2 or 3 xD, and don’t get me started at the shit one of them kept saying; I mean it made me feel as if it was a fake thing for 7 straight years ya know.
    People change idk why and for whom bas what’s done can not be undone we shal rest in pepperonies


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