Britney, Tyler and the Nice Guy | or | If Good Girls Like Bad Guys, What Happens to the Nice Guys?

By: Ali Sakr

Among the many tropes in our generation’s equivalent of soap operas – Netflix teen dramas – this one’s got to be one of the most obnoxious: the pretty girl always falls for the bad guy. While I’d love to analyze every single teen drama stereotype and breakdown why it’s almost always absolute bullshit, there’s a certain amount of cringe, beyond which one cannot survive, so I’ll just be sticking to this one for now. The way this is often portrayed can lead many young, gullible and naïve teens -such as ourselves- to think this is how real life actually works, when in fact, it’s not even close. Unfortunately, though, the opposite isn’t true either, since we’re talking about humans and all their complications, it’s never exactly simple.

After conducting extensive research (asking like- 3 friends), I’ve reached a conclusion which honestly isn’t that surprising at all, but before I actually share what I discovered, I’ll be taking you through two possibilities first. In one situation, the girl actually does  fall for the bad guy, and here’s one of the reasons why. We – and I mean humans – tend to like what we don’t have. We always think grass is greener on the other side, and that’s not really something we can change. What can stem from this however, is the attraction to person who’s, at the moment, inaccessible. Sometimes when the nice guy is just so nice from the get-go, Britney’s going to feel that she already has him if she wants him, so she’s no longer interested. That’s when Tyler sparks her interest.

Even if the nice guy is almost everything Britney wants in a guy, knowing he’s immediately “available” automatically classifies him as a friend. And with the same logic, Tyler is the person who suddenly seems perfect. He’s that greener grass that remains ever so green uptil the point you actually cross to the other side. Some other times, though, Britney doesn’t  fall for Tyler, but as always, it depends. Sometimes, Britney doesn’t care whether or not the nice guy is accessible, but instead is more focused on his personality. This seems much more mature, but again isn’t something you control. These innate desires are often what make these kinds of things so random. Yes, you can try to influence your feelings with your thoughts, but Britney wants what Britney wants – and that’s not really her fault, or something she’s doing right either; it just is.

The fact that we see one of these Britney’s more than the other on teen dramas doesn’t mean she’s more common. It just so happened to be that watching teens get caught up in – you guessed it – drama, is more entertaining than watching the story of a person who’s more logical than emotional. But again, where does that leave the nice guy? Well, as much as I’d hate to admit it, you can’t really say. There’s no formula – no calculation you can use to predict how the nice guy will end up. Yes, it depends on Britney, but it also does on Tyler, Jessica (Britney’s best friend), how nice the nice guy actually is, Britney’s mood when she first meets the nice guy, and so many more factors it’s annoying just to try thinking about them all.

Still, this doesn’t feel like it’s enough. There has to be something  we can get out of this – any information that’s actually useful. And so enters the nice guy. The one we’ve been talking about this whole time, but have failed to actually analyze. I wasn’t going to do this at first, partially because I felt it could get a little long, but oh well. For starters, sometimes Tyler is the nice guy, and that’s why he’s Tyler. All the girls like him because he’s so nice to everyone, which makes Britney feel like there’s no way she could be with him since ll the other girls like him, triggering that same feeling we talked about earlier. Another, less paradoxical nice guy is one which is completely oblivious of what others even think of him. You could even go so far as to call him genuine , though that’s probably quite a stretch. He’s unaware that all of this drama even happens, often because he wouldn’t care even if he had known. Lastly, there’s your not-so nice guy, who’s actually Tyler in disguise. You can probably guess where this is going, and no, he’s not actually nice Goddamnit.
At the end of the day, I’ve only just now realized how boring Netflix teen dramas can be. Or rather, it’s not just the shows – it’s us. Humans and all their “feelings” or whatever. I know, I know. That wasn’t very nice.

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