Are Men Hardwired to Cheat?

By: Malak Atwa

We are living in the 21st century. Yet, somehow, someway, we are still stereotyping people based on their gender, sexuality, religion and even ethnicity or culture. I think it’s about time to stop that. Yes, men are definitely not that great all of the time, but I mean let’s face it, who really is great all of the time? Certainly not me and most probably not you. People are not the same, even if they have the same gender that does not make them the same. Just because there is 1 terrorist who was a muslim, that doesn’t mean all muslims are terrorists. Just because Brian David Mitchell – Elizabeth Smart’s abductor – was a christian who “raped her because god told him to” doesn’t mean that all christians are like that. Just because 1,10 or 100 women cheated doesn’t mean that all women will cheat too. And if we’re constantly preaching equality between both – all genders, sexualities, races, etc. Then maybe, just maybe this rule should apply to men as well.

People are diverse and complex. Yes, most of the time it is quite the challenge to navigate through the good and bad intentions, but most of the time we-me included-save ourselves the time and energy by simply assuming and stereotyping the person in front of us without really even giving them a second glance. Which is obviously extremely unfair for everyone, that’s wrong and not for them only, but you too. How is it unfair to you? Well, thats easy. You are missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity of having some sort of relation or communication with this person. You will never meet the same person twice. Yes, you might meet someone who may resemble them in some way, but you will never know that first person that you just ghosted without even trying to get to know them. Why? Because you stereotyped them. They were wearing a beanie and you just assumed they’d be a hipster and you’re simply not interested in having said “hipster” in your life.

Almost the entire 21st century has been about women evolution, marches, and equality; all of that because men were “the dominant” ones. But now, we are equal, well, almost at least. And i don’t pity them honestly, they’ve been living in glory for more than a hundred decades. It’s our time as women now to have equal rights, pay and access to whatever we want whenever the hell we want. However, just because i don’t pity men doesn’t mean that they haven’t been stereotyped quite a lot. Oftentimes men are at fault. Often times men do suck. Often times men are assholes. But, other times they are innocent. Which isn’t said a lot. And yes, i may get hate for this but not all men suck. Shocker, i know. As much as i don’t want that previous sentence to be true, it sadly is.

Yes, i’m a hardcore feminist. But, feminism isn’t manslaughter or bashing and hating them. We don’t want to wipe out all men on this planet. We’re feminists not Nazis. Do i think that men are hardwired to cheat? No. Yes, men cheat. But, women cheat too. It’s not about society or the environment they grew up in, well, okay maybe it’s about the surrounding environment ,but at the end of the day cheating is a choice. Sometimes you do it without even noticing but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel like crap while doing it. Sometimes you know it and you’re

ignoring it, but it’s never “out of your hands”. Don’t blame anybody for it. It’s not because of “society” or any of that. It’s a choice. And it’s your choice.

Please, stop stereotyping people. It’s the 21st century for god’s sake. Grow up already and accept the simple fact that we are all equal and get over yourselves.

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