7 Amazing – Healthy and Dessert – Smoothies to Have for Breakfast

By: Kanzy Nada

The kitchen world has never been my kind of thing, but who would’ve thought that I, the most not-kitchenful (I know that is not a word) person would write a guide about food. Okay smoothies are not considered food but they are still done in the kitchen aren’t they?

Here are 7 amazing smoothies that’ll help you kickstart your day in the best way possible because well, they sure are delicious – and easy enough if your kitchen is stocked.

1. Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

You’ll need:

1 banana

1 cup of strawberries

½  a cup each vanilla yogurt and milk

2 teaspoons honey

A pinch of cinnamon

1 cup of ice

Then Blend them all together.

2. Strawberry Cake Smoothie

You’ll need:

2 Cups of strawberries

1 Cup of crumbled cake

1 and ½ cups each milk and ice


Blend all of these together and top it with whipped cream and some more strawberries because they are never enough right?

3. Cantaloupe Smoothie

You’ll need:

2 cups of chopped cantaloupe

The juice of ½ a lime

3 tablespoons of sugar

½ cup of water

1 cup of ice

And blend!

4. Tangerine & Honey Smoothie

You’ll need:

4 tangerines

2 limes

¼ cup of honey

1 cup of ice

Peel and seed those tangerines then blend them with the rest of the ingredients

5. Kiwi & Strawberry Smoothie

You’ll need:

1 cup of strawberries

2 kiwis

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 cups of ice

Peel the kiwis and then blend them all together.

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Smoothie

You’ll need:

1 cup of vanilla ice cream

1 cup of milk and crumbled cookies

¼ cup of chocolate chips

Blend them and add whichever cookies or chocolates your heart desires.

7. Apple & Banana Smoothie

You’ll need:

1 banana

1 apple

Peanut butter

1 cup of crushed ice

And you know the drill, blend this fruitful smoothie.

I told you they were all going to be so easy yet so delicious and refreshing, and as they say: a smoothie a day keeps all the bad things away.

Okay no one ever said that, that’s just me.

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