6 Types of People You Should Stay the Hell Away From

By: Malak Atwa

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way hating or “bala2a7 kalam” on a specific person or people in general. I’m merely gathering intel from my experiences of communicating with people, friendships, relationships, friends’ stories and TV shows and movies.

Now here’s how this is not going to go. This isn’t a list of people to stay away from for the rest of your life. This is not something that you should apply to your everyday life till the day you die. And this is not going to apply to everyone you meet that may have a similar trait of the ones that i will be listing later on. But, here’s how this is going to go. This is going to be my experience and what i have learned. This is going to be helpful and educational to some and only some. You will meet a ton of people in your life that you are meant to meet that will affect your life and you just as a whole, so trying to stay away, hide away or decrease the chances of that happening is not going to work, so don’t even bother. Just enjoy it and learn something from it maybe.

First, i want to tackle this whole “law of attraction” thing or whatever you want to call it. Honestly i think its complete bullshit. The average person meets about 80,000 people in their lifetime-that is if they die below the age of 80 which, is the average lifetime of a healthy human being-which is approximately 3 new people everyday. Therefore you are obviously bound to meet someone that is toxic, but that does not necessarily mean that you are toxic yourself. The same goes for if you meet someone who is very lovable and a social butterfly. It does not mean that you are the same as them, not necessarily at least. There are not 2 people in this world who are the same. They may have certain things in common, yes. They may have similar taste. But, never 100% the exact same.

Second, i don’t know if this is just me but i’m pretty sure that most people have this issue too. Im impatient, or as people say “khol2y daya2”, literally. Which means i can not be around people who are “zananeen”. Now, you may not really care about those people, it just may not bother you as much. Some people think its cute somehow, but personally i just can’t stand it. Sometimes it is cute i’m not going to lie. And yes I’ll allow it, but only sometimes not all the time. It gets on my nerves and it will get on anyone else’s nerves as well especially if they aren’t particularly ecstatic at the moment where you are constantly asking them “how are you” or “what’s bothering you?”. I don’t mean to sound braty. I appreciate it, honestly. But i am upfront. If i want to tell you, i will. And maybe i will later, just give it some time.

Third, this goes without saying honestly but two faced people are definitely the worst type of people you can be friends with. Being two faced is great if you’re Hannah Montana living the best of both worlds which i’m pretty sure they aren’t, so i would strongly advise you to stay away from anyone who is two faced. Especially those girls who completely change 180 degrees when there’s any guy around. They will gossip about you, probably rip you apart like vultures. They’ll talk all sorts of crap behind your back. They are untrustworthy. They are most likely jealous of your achievements or just of you in general. And 10/10 they will backstab you. And most importantly “hatetkhazwa2o”, so simply do yourself a favor and stay away.

Fourth, this is kind of the same as point 3, but stay away from gossipers. If they share unnecessary secrets with you then they probably share your secrets and gossip about you all the time with somebody else. Sometimes you have to tell your friend about a certain secret for their own sake. Like for example, they know someone who has a crush on your boyfriend. Or they know someone who said some nasty things about you. There are some things that just have to be shared and other things that are completely unnecessary for them to share with you. That is just gossip.

Fifth, anyone who makes you feel unwelcome. Anyone who discriminates against you or your other friends or just other people in general, just stay the hell away from. People who make you feel left out in the group. People who make fun of your body. People who make fun of our appearance in general. Sometimes, it’s a joke. And that’s fine only if the person who is made fun of is accepting of that joke. Then, that’s fine. And if they do speak up, they aren’t “over”. They are hurt and that is okay. They are not sensitive, you are insensitive and arrogant and unworthy of their friendship. Anyone who makes you feel belittled, unvalued or unappreciated are not worthy of your very precious time and you should definitely stay the f*uck away from them.

Sixth – and this is the final and most crucial one – liars. Do I need to say more really? People who hold back truths, or even go so far as to lie to you. These people who hide things from you are for sure not keepers. You will end up getting hurt. You will end up “mtkhazw2(a)”, and most probably, you will end up alone.

Choose your friends, partners or literally anyone who enters your life wisely, because they may be what makes you, or what breaks you.

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