Why I Don’t Believe in the Existence of F*ckboys

By: Zeina El Mofty

I don’t cuss, please don’t judge me. Unless you’re really really really dumb, you get what I mean by “F-boys”. If you are though, allow me to explain real quick. The term “F-boy” often refers to bad boys/players , the dudes who are usually either the jocks or the party animals in high school movies and who you’d most probably visualize wearing a black leather jacket. It’s as stereotypical as it could get. The “F-boy” is the smoking hot guy who gets all the girls and plays with their feelings.

this is kinda what comes to mind, yes?

To make it even clearer, there is a definition I got you guys off of google: An f-boy is that guy … the one who doesn’t respect women, but relies on them heavily. He’s distant, doesn’t care about other people’s time, and won’t commit. He’s self-absorbed, does stupid things, and f*cks with others’ emotions. Pardon me for this very unnecessary paragraph because you get it ,don’t you? Thing is, I don’t believe in such thing. Why?

Hear me out.
I have multiple theories I just came up with that explain why , even the guys who try to be “F-boys” , are unable to be ; because there is no such thing.

I’ll start with the most obvious, and probably the one theory you’ve already heard before. Basically, guys who act all emotion-less and are very detached in relationships are nothing but afraid. Don’t tell me you never hear about commitment issues. If a guy acts very umm.. cold, chances are, he’s been rejected before and has been afraid of it ever since. It’s not that he’s actually cold and it’s not that he only cares about the physics between you rather than the chemistry, it’s just that he’s most probably trying to stop himself from feeling too much to avoid any hurt. Understandable, huh? Not F-boys, just insecure dudes.

Teenage boys do stupid stuff. Before you attack me, think about it. Badeehy gedan that you are influenced by the people around you, takes no Einstein to figure that out. The thing is, and I’m sorry if I sound like your grandma, the surroundings of an average teenage boy is full of the stereotypical Highschool life. Girls falling for bad boys, bad boys influencing good boys so the good boys turn into the bad boys. Basically a dumb chain reaction I don’t really believe in. The only thing that makes sense to me though; is that some boys are way too immature to an extent that they literally and purposely call themselves “bad boys” for a reason I can’t really understand. I don’t know if they think it sounds cool or if they think more people would be interested in them or maybe if they’re just illiterate. Conclusion: Not F-boys , just children.

I believe that we came up with this idea of a “bad” boy. We created this previously nonexistent persona based off of some hypothetical stories and allowed some people to imitate it. I might not make sense to you but I sure understand myself. Listen, I think we’ve all established the fact that I see everything under a ray of sunshine, so no matter how much you try to convince me, I believe in no evil. There is no such thing as bad boys or F-boys or whatever, I’m sorry if I couldn’t convince you.

It just doesn’t make any sense to categorize a bunch of people under a supposedly glorified and shamed concept – if we believe in the existence of f-boys then we do in sluts, yes? We have to be fair, both are constructs, it’s so much easier to realize that neither actually exist. Keep that in mind next time you judge a guy – or girl for that matter, ok?

Peace out fam.

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