What Sexual Education Is and Why We Actually Need It

By: Hanya

Comprehensive Sexual Education – or just sex ed.

No, it’s not how to have sex, it’s not a combination of a banana and a condom.

No, it’s not about how men want sex and how women learn to say no.

Sex Ed is simply the instruction of issues relating to human sexuality.

No, human sexuality isn’t about heterosexuality, homosexuality, or any other sexuality you can think of.

Human sexuality involves emotional relations and responsibilities, human anatomy, activity, reproduction and reproductive health and rights, consent, safe intercourse, birth control,  and sexual restraint.

A huge part of sex ed is consent.

Consent needs respect and communication and it’s actually an important concept for children to learn about from an early age as it can lead to better relationships with family, friends, peers and, eventually romantic partners.

Consent is either agreement or disagreement from both parties in complete understanding of what they’re getting themselves into.

Sexual consent is no different.

Consent is freely given, whether verbally or nonverbally; both body language and verbal language should give the same affirmative message and they should be confident and enthusiastic.

Intimidations, guilt-trips, bullying, blackmails, and threats for receiving a “yes” isn’t consent; coercion and consent are different.

Comprehensive sex ed teaches consent by aiding students on how to respect others’ personal, rightful, and changing boundaries, and how each and every person is fully entitled to their opinion and level of comfort.

It teaches the skill of leaving a situation which doesn’t feel comfortable, and how the one initiating sexual contact is fully responsible for asking and clearly receiving full consent before moving on with any sexual activity . And that the only person responsible for sexual assault is the perpetrator; the one who didn’t ask for it[consent].

It teaches women that they have a full right to wear whatever makes them feel good without owing anyone anything. It decreases “shame” society gives off to the person who was assaulted and spoke up.

Comprehensive sexual education allows growth and development while clearing up everything, leaving no room for confusion.

Sex Ed is necessary, not taboo.

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