Stop Apologizing for Eating: What You Eat, How You Eat, and How Much You Eat

By: Zeina El Mofty

Warning: I just wrote the word eat too many times and I’m about to write it much more times.

If you’re reading this right now, there is a 90% possibility you love food as much as I do. And obviously a 10% possibility you have the absolute opposite feelings towards food. Either way, this article is for you.

My bro, food is not haram.

Eating is not a sin.


Try and tell me you’ve never felt guilty for eating something and I’ll tell you how much of a big fat liar you are. Not fat. Seriously poor choice of vocab, Zeina. What I’m trying to say is, we’ve all been there. When you eat too much, or eat something (you think) you weren’t supposed to eat, subconsciously, you feel this urge to apologize to whoever saw you (or even to yourself in some cases). You then either start over thinking the extra cheesy fries you ordered and you start to fall into this rabbit hole of guilt, regret and molten chocolate. You might even start coming up with excuses and convince yourself that you are going to go make it up(or punish yourself) by going to the gym or not having dinner later that day. You are very likely to get emotional too, especially if you’re a Cancer. ALL THIS BECAUSE YOU FREAKING-WAIT FOR IT- ate. Doesn’t sound so wrong now, huh?

Thing is, you shouldn’t feel like apologizing because what you did isn’t actually wrong. You regret eating because society makes you believe it’s wrong, while it’s really just…Umm normal. Listen. As the complex beings we are, we need energy. And if you have at least taken 6th Grade’s Physics syllabus, you know the infamous “energy is neither created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another. So yeah, we need energy and the only source we have is food :0. Shocker. Sis even if you don’t need food, it’s a 100% okay to want it. A lot of us enjoy food, seriously why do we make it sound like a crime? Pasta is yum, chocolate is awesome and hallelujah to “Wara2 3enab”. We have taste buds for a reason don’t we? So seriously stop it with the “sorry”’s and the “last one, I promise”s.

Okay first of all, if you have a friend who makes you feel bad for eating or have ever told you “haven’t you already eaten?” or “I think you shouldn’t eat anymore”, this person is toxic. You should either tell them to mind their own business, hit them with the “ma3lesh” or if they get to you too much, just simply cut them off already. Eat what you want whenever you want with zero regrets because nothing and no one is worth not enjoying yourself. I’m sorry if I sound like a white tumblr feminist chick. Trust me, I’m not. I’m dead serious. Dammit, again, poor choice vocab, Zeina! Anyways, you get what I mean.

What you eat, the way you eat it and how much you eat is only your business. Don’t feel guilty, don’t regret it, and definitely don’t make up an excuse for it because it doesn’t deserve one. As long as you’re happy, enjoying it and most importantly, are healthy, screw everyone and you do you fam.

Or you could just find everything I wrote cliché and pretend you didn’t read a thing. Normally, I’d apologize for that, but I just realized it’s yet another thing I should add to the list of things you shouldn’t apologize for, but that’s a story for another day.

Peace out.

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