Everything You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Lips

By: Renad

With the chilly weather and the blowing wind, our lips tend to get really dry and chapped, but we tend to feel like the only thing we can do is apply lip balm and call it a day. While lip balm can help give your lips a relatively smooth appeal, it still doesn’t do wonders. I’m here to tell you the issues your lips might have and how get rid of them.

Let me start off by explaining the common issues that occur to your lips:

ONE: Splitting

Splitting is very common, especially in dry and cold weather. Your lips might start splitting when you fall asleep in dry air, with you unconsciously breathing in through your mouth, your lips will experience some cracks which might sting a bit when you wake up.

TWO: Chapping

Chapping has to be the most common lip issue and it’s a result of many things. Chapping can occur in any weather but winter is where it’ll be accompanying you the most. With winter comes sickness and with sickness comes breathing in through your mouth therefore chapping occurs. Dehydration is also a very common reason for chapping along with vitamin deficiency

THREE: Flaking

Flaking is usually a result of sun damage and dehydration, and it’s one of the issues that lead to bleeding as we tend to nibble of the flaky parts of our lips therefore accidentally hurting ourselves.

As you can probably tell, most lip issues have very common reasons and they all lead to one another, so now i’ll be telling you how have luscious looking lips and prevent any of the above issues from occurring.

ONE: Drink Water

Staying hydrated is very essential, not only for lips but for skin and hair. Make sure to have a water bottle beside you to sip on. Drinking will prevent any lip chapping or splitting on the long run.

TWO: Leave Your Lips Alone

Touching and pulling on the skin of your lips will definitely cause dryness and make the flakiness worse as your lips don’t have a protective layer of their own, meaning you’ll be directly damaging your lips. Try keeping the lip licking to a minimal. While it might give you the feeling

that your lips are hydrated, it dries it out even more the second the saliva evaporates.

THREE: Remove All Lipstick

After a night out with a popping red lipstick your lips will probably be very dry, so leaving your lipstick on overnight is a complete no-no. Make sure to remove your lipstick and moisturize your lips afterwards as the substances in makeup removers can be very drying.

FOUR: Hydrate Overnight

Hydrating your lips overnight will do you wonders when you wake up. There are multiple oils you can use as a moisturizing lip mask. Coconut oil is a true moisturizing miracle, it has the ability to soothe your lips and make them look soft due to the antioxidants and vitamins it contains. Olive oil is also a good option if you’re trying to get rid of cracks and splits as it has a sufficient supply of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory effects. Lavender oil and Chamomile oil are also very good options. Apply a few drops and massage your lips with them to get the blood flowing and drift into deep slumber, you’ll wake up with moisturized and soft lips.

FIVE: Scrub Scrub Scrub

Using a lip scrub will get rid of the dead skin that you spend all day mindlessly pulling on with your teeth. Many brands make lip scrubs but you can also make your own. Mix two of your favorite oils and add sugar. Scrub your lips well and rinse the excess scrub, but make sure to apply a drop of oil over your lips if you’re scrubbing before bed or lip balm if you’re about to go out.

SIX: Carry Your Lip Balm Around

Make sure to have a lip balm ready for you to use any second to maintain your lip moisture throughout the day. Just remember that lip balm on its own is not always sufficient, applying oils and scrubbing along with the application of the lip balm will seal the deal.

This has to be it, take care of your lips and keep them moisturized!

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