7 Local Healthy Dessert Brands We Love

By: Amina El Farouk

With the  cold weather that’s  taken over Cairo, we’ve  all resorted to the comfort of food. You know when you’re  craving something so bad but you just can’t risk ruining your diet?  We’ll we’ve got just the right places for you. Here are the top 7 dessert brands that will fullfill your cravings all whilst maintaining the balance of your diet.

Indulge Healthy Bakery

Dessert heaven!  Indulge healthy bakery has a vast majorty of guilt free desserts that are free of processed ingredients and instead full of fruits, nuts and all the other wholesome good-for-your-body ingredients you can think of. They’re located in Tagamo3 and Heliopolis and deliver all over Cairo! Ever wanted a healthy fuge brownie  that doesn’t taste stale? Here’s stop #1 😉


Lychee is well known for their delicious fruit juices, but not only do they offer that, Lychee also offers a wide variety of flavorful desserts. Their guilt-free dessert menu provides you with 4 mouthwatering snacks that can satisfy  your cravings at a reasonable cost. Who would’ve thought that healthy could be fun?

Sea Salt Bakery

The famous Sea Salt Bakery is located in Zamalek; known for their smoothie bowls and delicious desserts, Sea Salt are starting  to make a name for themselves. Their products are yummy, healthy, and compact all of nature’s best ingredients to serve you a guilt free treat. They also offer a wide range of healthy goodness (that taste divine) so you’ll  never get bored. Not only that but they do deliveries to everywhere around Cairo so make sure to check them out!

Clean Bars

Need a boost of energy to get your day started without having any sugar? Cleanbars egypt is the right place for you. Cleanbars egypt make tasty granola bars great for a midday snack or as dessert when you need something healthy and sweet. Their bars are available at Sunny markets is Westown Hub , also available at Zakuski , if you can’t  head to the places their available, just call Zakuski and order your bars , they deliver to Heliopolis , Nasr city and Sheraton. Don’t miss out and order your bars today!!


Bakelight is a brand that has only just started recently; with its gluten free and keto approved desserts it’s sure to attract many customers. Owned by nutritionist Rania Abushady and  Chef Dina Seada, it’s located in Beverly Hills and can deliver straight to your doorstep. Their double chocolate fudge cookies are simply to die for, you have to try them.


If you’re a greek yoghurt lover then you’re in luck. KIK offers many greek yoghurt and granola creations which are sure to satisfy your cravings. They deliver to Heliopolis, Katameya, Mohandseen, and Zamalek. A perfect breakfast to kickstart your day and also a great snack or dessert after a long day.N


In the mood for cookies? Well Angelica has you covered. From waffles to brownies, angelica offers a huge variety of yummy desserts that are completely healthy. You can pick from a bunch of different snacks,  from energy bites to brownies and they also deliver right to your doorstep!

all pictures belong to their respective brands 🙂

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