The 91st Oscar Academy Awards Wins

By: TT Writers

It’s that time of the year again, the time where we stay up all night to watch the oscars live before anyone can ye7ra2holna, so here we are bene7ra2loko your 91st Oscar Academy Awards. Now we’re going to tell you who won the golden-guy-award this year, the most memorable speeches and which  movies made it. Having not one host but multiple hosts for each category unlike all the times before, makes it a very special year for us. Initially Kevin Hart was to be the host, but due to some homophobic tweets that he wrote, it backfired and he decided to not become host, so multiple other A-listers hosted the 91st Oscar Academy Awards. And honestly the end product was amazing, showing so many faces makes it the whole lot better.

Best Outstanding Supporting Actress: Regina King

Winning her first oscar and nomination, Regina King had her outstanding performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. Her speech was an emotional gratitude towards God, her mother, and her friends and all people who supported her. Her performance was touching in the movie, and it was outstanding. She deserved this oscar.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Vice

I totally expected that movie to win. I mean i didn’t recognize my favourite actor, Christian Bale, because of how amazing the makeup and hairstyling was done.

Costume Design: Black Panther

Black panther, the first black superhero movie, that created amazing costumes and superhero suits. Ruth Carter, the designer, congratulated the african heritage and the black community. From bigass earrings and funny colors that surprisingly go well together, to the amazing dark costumes of black panther and killmonger. And to top it all off the hair-or lack thereof-, the makeup and the accessories, just really put everything together and created this whole vibe that was felt. Ruth Carter really did an amazing job to capture the atmosphere of the movie and reflect it through the costumes.

Production Design: Black Panther

Hannah Beachler gives an emotional speech saying “Even if we fail, a great woman told me to always remember “I did my best and my best is good enough” she also became the first african american to win an oscar award in production design. She is responsible for the overall visual look of the movie, and she has the power to not only imagine what soon became our reality on screen, but she also was able to turn her visual into something so amazing, we can all see and share. That is the beauty of imagination and creativity y’all!!

Best Cinematography: Alfonso Cuaron

Roma was an amazing movie that reminisced the memories and lives of people during the mexican revolution. And it truly deserves the award especially because it used the classical gold of black and white.  

Best Foreign Language Film: Roma

Roma invades the souls again by winning the best foreign language film. Such powerful movie that illustrates the lives of people during a moment of change, it doesn’t only show the hope, but also the misery and sorrow countries go through in order to change and reach democracy.

This is also shows the power of mexico as a country and independent culture and as Maya Rudolph said, “Mexico isn’t paying for the wall.”

Film Editing: John Ottman

First oscar nomination and award goes for the fantastic John Ottman. The “Labor Of Love” movie took us on the journey of  Freddie Mercury with his success and failures. And we honor our main actor with egyptian heritage, Rami Malek.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Mahershala Ali

Second Oscar nomination and award goes to the outstanding MAHERSHALA ALI. He won last year for actor in a supporting role for Moonlight. He deserves such an Oscar, as he won one this year for Green Book. He said a very emotional speech the part that stood out was when he said “” if at first I dont succeed try try again “- he said his grandma told him so and told him to never let go of his dreams. He did so and here he is, winning his second Oscar!!

Animated feature film: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This animated movie had amazing visuals, it was weird- in a good way- it had also the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a movie, I adored the soundtrack, and not to mention the story, the plot was amazing, full of twists and surprises, of course it being made in a way asif it were à comic just brought back my nostalgic comic reading days and made me reminiscent them, all in all the movie was great and deserved it’s oscar. Even though it wasn’t a sequel to the all time favorite childhood movie to almost everyone but okay, it’s okay I’m not salty,

Best Visual Effects: First Man

Okay so we had already made predictions before and this win came to us as a shock, we predicted that Avengers:infinity war or Ready Player One, would win this category, both having equally mesmerising visual effects and taking the viewers into à whole other world, but the movie that won was First man, clearly it had better visual effects in the eyes of others, but in my opinion, either Infinity War or Ready Player One should’ve won because at least they had original ideas and not the outer space crap that we have grown so used to seeing, sure you’re going to tell me that Infinity War took place in space, but really it took place everywhere, not only in space, not only on earth and not only in nowhere. So I stand by my predictions!

Adapted Screenplay: Blackkklansman

Honestly, I predicted a Star is Born would win as it is a classic adaptation. It has been done 3 times and every time it’s better than the one before. But I think because this movie BlackkKlansman is talking about history and affects many people, so the Oscars chose it as the winner. It is done well, but many people won’t like this movie in my opinion.

Original Song: Shallow

I predicted that this song would win as it is very outstanding and very touching! Lady Gaga worked so hard for this and the movie was made very well, and so I believe that she should win and so she did! Bravo Lady Gaga! Many people love the song, and it’s lyrics really touch me and many people I think. In the speech she says “it’s not about how many times you have fell down and have been beaten but about how many times you stood up and continued” – Lady Gaga. WOW, so true and amazing! She also says “It’s not about winning, but what it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it.” -Lady Gaga OH MY GOD WOW! This is so touching and lovely, and people should use this as a precedent in their life. This is Lady Gaga’s 1st    win and third nomination.

Best Actor: Rami Malek

I predicted that RAMI MALEK would win the award, he deserves it he was worked so hard to attain the place where he is now. He is Egyptian and so honors us all, and we are forget grateful to him! He is a dream come true to many people. He just started in Mr Robot and made an absolutely great job, which made him get the best actor! I also predicted he would win because usually the person who won the SAG awards usually wins the Oscars and so I was right! One last thing, he was holding himself so badly so he doesn’t cry, it’s so nice! Great job RAMI!

Best Actress: Olivia Colman

Her reaction was epic! She is very proud, happy, and in complete utter joy! She deserves it, as she acted very well. She did not imagine it, and is very happy she did. She said “this will not happen again”- Olivia What a funny joke, she is very funny and I loved her whole speech she is crying very happy tears! She is just awesome! She makes me want to smile, and is very happy making me so fantastic! It was not expected, but you should expect the unexpected! Very splendid, and complete joy and happiness coming out of her! A lovely part of her speech is when she said “Ang little girl who’s practicing their speech on the telly … you never know!” – Olivia Colman Well said Olivia, it is so true and you never know the future. Anything is possible, even the impossible! This is Olivia’s first nomination and first Oscar too. Great Job Olivia!

Directing: Alfonso Cuaron

It’s his 4th Oscar and 2nd win tonight, he clearly did an amazing job on Roma, a movie which can be found easily on netflix, I am encouraged and curious to see the movie that had won more than one oscar tonight, clearly it’s supposed to be good. So I encourage you all to watch it too. Anyways Alfonso’s speech consisted of mucho gracias to many people.

The Best Picture: Green Book

Green book was nominated for 5 awards and out of those 5 it won 4 oscars IN ONE NIGHT. They made this film with love, tenderness and respect. The whole story is about love, it’s about loving each other despite our differences, it’s the truth about who we are with the same people. All these awards are because off Viggo Mortensen. Their speech consists of thanks but they give their biggest thanks to their great friend Harry Fisher

And that wraps up the 91st Academy Awards.

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