Suffocating Me

By: Hanna Haitham

clip my wings
or make me fly
i’m so lonesome
i could die

give me purpose
give me truth
take away my troubled youth

if i fly
or if i fall
either way i lose it all

so why play a losing game
when the hurt is all the same

go away let me breathe
your truth is suffocating me
because i long for more
you give me hope like never before

give me light
give me love
descend on my soul from above

cleanse me
and let me be
or go away because you’re killing me

why are you glum and sad?
i’m the one whose got it bad
i want to feel things but i can’t feel
and i long for something real

but can you heal an aching soul?
will you stay or will you go?
make your choice because i can’t breathe
your love is suffocating me

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