How to Make Time for Yourself When You’re Drowning in Work

By: Zeina El Mofty

If you are reading this, first of all thank you for wasting some potential studying time to do so and second of all, I am here for you bro. Trust me when I tell you I know what’s it like to be busy and if you still believe me, allow me to let you in on my week real quick. I have school 6 days a week, 8 after-school tuitions, ballet class, an extracurricular workshop, work for TEDx, other work, and at least an article, all in one week. And I have to do this and about 10 other different things to study and solve. In case you are still in doubt, what I have to do is nearly as exhausting as trying to solve a math problem written in Chinese while riding a horse on top of a unicycle and trying to constantly say “arnabna f manwar anwar w arnab anwar f manwarna.” I’m not exaggerating. So yeah fam, I’m drowning too. Here’s the thing though, no matter how much work I have to get done , I’ve learnt, the hard way, to always make myself a priority over it all and imma let you in on why and how you should too.

Listen. You are probably late aren’t you? You didn’t get the things you wanted to get done actually done on time, huh? And you feel guilty, counterproductive yet are exhausted anyway. You can’t find the time nor the energy to even get started with your endless to-do list. Well umm. Stop and hear me out. You are human. You have a maximum energy and tolerance capacity. Seriously it’s okay to feel counterproductive ;not your fault. We’ve all been there :c. You don’t need to constantly remind yourself how delayed you are because it would only make you feel worse. What you need is to recharge. And by recharge I mean feel good. And to feel good you need to make time for yourself, but then again you don’t have time so um…


Make a plan. Day to day plan. Before telling me that you’ve probably done that before and it didn’t work and you were delayed and you keep updating it till its ruined, i know. When you plan something, chances are, it doesn’t really work out. But here’s the deal. When you make a plan, you get this momentary satisfaction because plans make you feel like catching up and getting things done is easy and doable. Even when you don’t finish what you had to today, you at least got some stuff done trying to finish. When the plan is ruined, just breathe and make another one. Sounds dumb but just trust me.

Do something you enjoy while doing something you don’t. This step is a lil tricky. I am warning you, do not do this if you can’t multitask. Basically, I’m easily bored when i work for long hours, but i can have a 5 hour worth of studying on one day. Here’s what i do. I decide to finish them in 7 hours while watching my favorite series. Risky but definitely worth it. Makes me enjoy working actually. Don’t do that if you’re easily distracted though, or maybe replace the series part with music?

Give yourself breaks, because you deserve them. At this point, we get that you’re busy and don’t have the luxury of time to take long breaks. At least, make your short breaks awesome, I guess? Take a 10 minute break between assignments and just get up and do something stupid.

Blast some music and dance like a gummy bear, for all I care. Oooo and lunch breaks 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗. When you are going to have lunch or dinner or whatever important meal (aka all of them) , I need you to prepare your laptop with your fav series and just sit and watch while eating at least. And like, really really enjoy it. As soon as your done, get up and turn your beast mode on.

Smol noice stuff :3. Headphones on, volume up , and walk home. Have a bubble bath. Order Chinese. Read a little before you go to sleep. Make yourself a cup of coffee and drink it 3ala rawa2a. Put on a face mask. Pamper yourself with little things that seem so ineffective but secretly are very. Seriously, makes you more productive even if it wasted a little time .

Sleep> . Your. Physical. Health. Over. Everything. I don’t care that you have 3 more exams to solve today, it’s 3 AM just go to sleep for God’s sake. Studying usually and completely messes up my sleep schedule and it has been doing that for so long now. Thing is though, I’ve just come to a conclusion that its not worth it. My momma tells me that If I sleep, I’ll get whatever I wanted done , done , the next day in much less time and with much more efficiency than how I would’ve if I stayed up late and force my (extremely heavy at this point) eyelids open to do it. If that didn’t convince you, i don’t know what would to be honest . Moral of the story, just get enough sleep, please?

Reward yourself. I can have 7 exams to solve , 3 chapters to study and a worksheet to finish, but I’m still going out on Thursday. Sounds so desperate wow. Where I’m getting at is, you need to reward yourself for whatever you finished, weekly. I don’t care how much you finished, just do it. Go out. Have fun. Look bomb. Because man, i don’t know you but I know that if you’re the type if person who read this far, you deserve it.

That’s all I have for you guys. Hope i helped? Please tell me i did because I..umm sorta kinda broke the „sleep over everything“ part to write this. hahaa :c . Isokai though, I care about my readers :3 . Good luck drowning, meet you at the sea bed, you are a priority and have a good day 💗

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