Should or Shouldn’t You Pick Up a Friend With Benefits?

By: Sevine

Friends with benefits, what does it mean and why is it happening? Basically friends with benefits is being friends with a person while maintaining a sexual relationship with them, no strings attached, no feelings, and no labels. Why does it happen and why do some people choose to have friends with benefits over a relationship? Because it’s easy, and the fact that there are no strings attached makes people tend to choose it over a relationship where it can become controlling. Being friends with benefits doesn’t limit you to sexual activities with that one person only, you can have multiple FWBs at once, but in a relationship you can only have one person, unless it’s polyamory which is a whole other case. Anyways, while you’re reading that you might think “Oh, having a FWB doesn’t sound so bad” true, but while you may think that right now, I am going to explain to you why having a FWB isn’t all that great.

Boso ba2a, catching feelings for your friend if you’re sexual is inevitable, especially if you’re a female because according to science oxytocin (the female love hormone) increases during the orgasm but sadly serotonin (the male love hormone) increases when and only when they have something to commit to and that’s why girls tend to be the ones getting hurt, the feelings will start to grow and if it’s one sided the whole ordeal will blow, because you’re going to be putting yourself through hell if you like/love someone and have that kind of relationship with them, while also knowing that this person have the same relationship towards many other people at the same time.It will kill you. So, it being a no feelings relationship might have its cons, but it also has its pros, because having a sexual relationship where there is no feelings-from both ends-also means that it most likely will be also non-controlling, because after all you both probably care for each other and don’t want the other feeling controlled by you nor would you want to feel controlled by the other.Now people with commitment issues would prefer this kind of a relationship over one where you are committed to one person and one person only.

But, if you want to feel special, having a FWB is not for you, because sometimes it would be a secret, one only between both of you, meeting at night, no one to talk to or tell, and you both don’t necessarily have to be friends actually, you can just be acquaintances who hook up, only talk about your next meeting, when and where, your talks would be short but after all you’re both using each other for pleasure. Because if you start dating, the right thing to do would be to tell that person that you can’t meet up with them anymore, or at least while you’re dating, and same goes for them, that’s the no strings attached thing because they don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to them, people just don’t belong to people.

In the end if you want to cut it off with your FWB, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to tell them, and if they don’t want to continue you should just accept their choice and live with it, you can’t make them stay and neither can they make you stay, being FWB is a choice not an obligation. After it’s ended, you can either be awkward about it, or just be friends, talk normally, as if nothing ever happened, I personally encourage the one about being friends, because why not

have a friendship just because y’all hooked up.

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