Why All Your Friends Are in Relationships RN and You’re Still Single

By: Zeina El Mofty

Unless you are reading this to support me as Zeina, you are probably single, huh?

Well, this article is made for you bro. You have the right to figure out why all your friends are in relationships, why you are not, and why whatever you feel about that is okay.

You probably guessed it, I’m flooding you with more of my theories right about…


The Cool Friends

Trust me, I am not trying to stereotype people, but you’ve already got at least someone in mind as soon as you read “The Cool Friends”. By them, I mean the people who feel like they are obligated to be in a relationship because it’s what everyone around them does. Whether you are or aren’t this kind of person, know that it’s okay to be. Although I personally would hate it (no offense), but it’s completely normal to be. We are all pressured into following society, whether you like it or not, but the intensity of the pressure partially depends on the person. So unless it’s mentally or physically hurting them, wanting to be in a relationship for the sake of it doesn’t make your friends bad people. It just makes them teenagers who’re still stuck with the typical high school mindset for a little longer than you did. Makes them human. It’s okay to feel weird that you are not like them, there is not a single rule that says you have to be.

The Love Birds

They’re rare, but they exist. The couple that are actually serious about each other, have zero toxicity and are sometimes too cute that it overwhelms you. The thing is though, people who want and try too hard to fulfill a “Love Bird” type of relationship, will most probably not get it. If you are one of these people, I’ll just tell you one thing. It’s not wrong to want it, I mean, don’t we all? Just try not to force it. Don’t make it your life’s mission, eventually it just will, and when it does, as much as you should enjoy it, don’t make your life revolve around it. And um…don’t be too cheesy around people, trust me, you don’t want that.

That’s basically all I have on why all of your friends are in relationships right now, given that I have minimum experience in that area. Seriously, I have no idea why I decided to write about this. Allow me to summarize one last time because I feel bad for not having enough to say.

Basically, a whole lot of your friends are in a relationships because it’s kind of umm…the new trend. Because it makes them feel comfortable in their society. And it’s fun. Simple as that. Gives them the excitement of first-times.

Another lot of your friends are the type that have so much love to give and are simply better at “living” when they do it with someone, and to be honest, it’s cute. Sometimes.

A few of your friends have this “thing” with someone but are never actually together and I don’t know if it’s because they don’t like to admit it or because they’re just enjoying whatever they call what they have.

Then there’s you.

Both tired of everyone and feel like an anomaly because you aren’t like them.

Or you’re okay with them and with how you are and you read this out of curiosity.

Or you are like them and have no idea why you’re reading this and are starting to regret it.

I’m starting to regret writing this.

I make no sense but I’m still writing to make this longer.

Buh-bye and have a weird day ya’ll ❤

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