9 Beauty Hacks Every Teenager Needs to Know

By: Hagar Ibrahim

With new makeup lines and products launching, we don’t have time to catch up. But we’ll always have the time to get back to the basics. Each and every person finds certain tips and tricks which will help him/her in finding and forming a beauty routine. Being into makeup for so long, I’ve been through the evolution of DIYs and life hacks. From coconut oil to turmeric, here are my list of beauty tricks that help me look a little less dead on daily basis:

1. What is That Smell?

I know it might sound disgusting, but not washing my hair as much has actually promoted its growth. During the winter, I wash my hair once a week and I use dry shampoo 2-3 days later and I’ve noticed its growth. Refrain from using conditioner if you decide to follow this method because the natural oils in your hair will condition your hair enough.

2. Oils, Oils and Oils!

Oils have been my secret for healthier hair, bushier brows, clearer pores, whiter teeth and bumpless shaving. After experimenting with a lot of oils, I’ve narrowed down my oil correction to: coconut oil, castor oil, cactus oil and Rocca oil, Mix all of these oils together, heat them, cover your hair in them and wash your hair with shampoo only on the next day.

3. Big Brows.

We’ve all been to that one eyebrow lady who kept us crying when she left a straight line on our faces. Personally, I’ve had multiple tantrums in salons because of that. After those incidents, I’d stop threading and use a razor instead. When you shave your eyebrows, the hair that grows is a much deeper shade of black and more hair can actually grow.

4. Oily Eyelids, Bye!

If you enjoy eyeshadow like me, you’ve probably faced the smudgy eyeshadow crisis. Oily eyelids can smudge your eyeshadow and look really nasty in pictures. One makeup trick that I’ve discovered is eyelid baking. Baking is when you apply translucent powder on oily areas or areas that move alot such as: smile lines and under eyes. Apply translucent powder or baby powder on your eyelid and finish the your face make up then wipe off. This will leave your eyeshadow smudge free!

5. Big Lashes, Big Dreams.

Eyelashes seriously transform the way your face looks. If you’re not blessed with the longest eyelashes like me, follow this trick. Apply castor oil and vaseline on your lashes and your lash line overnight and in a few days you’ll see results. While you’re doing this, refrain from using mascara and/or false lashes to get the best results. Put this right before bed so the oil doesn’t irritate your eyes.

6. Clear Skin, Clear Thoughts.

Three products: Rose water, sunscreen, and coconut oil. Rose water helps regulate the pH levels in your skin. Use it as a toner after you wash your face. Apply it on a cotton bud and rub in circular motion to further purify your skin. Use it as a mist when you’re feeling dry. It is almost always cold so it will make your skin breathe for a bit. You can also use it as a makeup setter! Add some glycerine to it and you’re good to go. Sunscreen is the most underrated face care product in my opinion. It does wonders! Applying a little bit in the morning before you run your errands seriously saves your skin. The UV rays in the sun leave your skin discolored and fatigued. Sunscreen also promotes anti-aging. Find a primer that has SPF in it and you’re good to go! Coconut oil works for everything. If you don’t have oily/acne prone skin, apply coconut oil on your face and use a scrubbing tool to clean your skin. Rub the excess oil with cotton buds and wash your skin with cold water. This cleans your pores and leaves your skin baby smooth.

7. Strawberry lips.

We often neglect our lips, not knowing that they basically shape our face. 1st tip for everyone: do not smoke! Smoking of any kind (even hookah) leaves your lips discolored and dry. In addition to smoking, sun rays can also leave your lips burnt and discolored. To eliminate that, use a lip balm with SPF. Luscious pink lips are what every girl wants. To get that use lip scrubs and apply a thick coat of vaseline on your lips every night before you go to bed. And if you’re a lip scrub eater like me, you can always scrub using a toothbrush. Wet your lips and go in circular motion, then apply vaseline/lip balm. If you have naturally discolored lips you can always buy lip primers. Lip primers help you achieve a unified color, it will make your lipstick/lip gloss look evenly colored and pigmented.

8. Vitamins.

If you want to skip all of the oils and masks, you can always invest in vitamins. Multivitamins such as centrum, include all of the essential vitamins you need and more. Biotin (B7), promotes hair and nail growth. Omega 3 can help you with acne and wrinkles. Last but not least is Vitamin E. Vitamin E gives you scar-free skin. But always remember that excess use of vitamins have effects. Multivitamins can alter your digestion process and give you an upset stomach if you abuse it. Not only does it help your hair grow, Biotin causes growth in the hairs across your body (pubic region, facial hair, leg hair, etc.). Biotin also promotes weight gain and larger breasts. You should always contact your doctor before taking any medicine.

9. Big, bright smile!

Our pearly whites can tell a lot about our diets. If you love dark drinks or smoking, you’re more likely to have yellow teeth. If you want to eliminate that, you can brush your teeth with charcoal powder. Charcoal tablets are available in all pharmacies. Grind them and brush your teeth with the powder. Follow up by brushing your teeth with toothpaste to eliminate the smell and the black pigment. Do not overuse this trick because it erodes your enamel. If you have sensitive teeth or you don’t like the taste of charcoal, you can always go for oil pulling. Oil pulling is the practice of moving oil around your teeth and in your oral cavity. You can do so by putting a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and moving it around from 15-20 minutes. Do this before you wash your teeth and before you have breakfast. Spit the oil out in the toilet and brush your teeth thoroughly. Don’t swallow the oil because that will allow the bacteria in your oral cavity to reenter your body. Oil pulling is proven to have effects on the general physical and oral health of the body.

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