Piercing Care 101: How to Make Sure Your Piercings Stay Clean

By: Hedayette

Piercings are one of those things that just never go out of style; from simple ones like ear piercings to belly buttons and nose piercings. However, getting it done comes with certain responsibilities and post-piercing care that you need to be aware of. These are tips that you may not have thought of, or new ways to effortlessly take care of your fresh piercings.  

Use soap and water or saline solutions instead of alcoholic solutions

Alcohol tends to dry the piercing out while cleaning it, which causes the skin to crack and bleed leading to most probably an infection. Oil based soaps work the best since it doesn’t only clean the wound, but also hydrates it, helping the skin soften up and heal the tissue.

Leave in the piercing

Removing the starter earrings too early may cause the piercings to close. Only turn it if it’s wet and you are cleaning it. If it’s dry, do not move it!

Don’t panic

If you notice swelling, redness, fluid secreting or radiating heat, nine times out of ten your piercing is only irritated and not infected. If you’re worried or noticing that puss is beginning to show, simply refer to your piercer or a pharmacy to recommend topical creams to help get rid of the infection.

Create a routine

Setting a routine for yourself is the best way to help avoid neglecting your piercing. Simply setting a certain time to clean your piercing by using reminders or an alarm can be the best way to stay on track!

Not all piercings are the same

This specifically applies to ear piercings; a cartilage piercing is different (especially in the healing process) than that in the lobe. So, if your cartilage piercing is a bit more painful or slower to heal, there’s not much to worry about. Just make sure that you listen carefully to all the instructions you were given by your piercer.

Take care of your health

This one may seem weird, but staying hydrated, and healthy in general, is important, but it is even more important after piercing. Be sure to stay hydrated since it is very beneficial to the healing process and even makes it a tad bit faster.

Be wary of additional trauma

This one may be a bit out of hand, but be careful not to cause any irritation due to bumping, snagging or sleeping on the piercing. You can avoid this by pulling your hair back at least during the first few days, letting people know that you’ve had it pierced to dodge any mishaps and having someone check on you to make sure you aren’t sleeping on it.

Know when it’s healed

If the swelling, irritation, redness etc. has gone away, this probably means that it has healed. To be extra cautious, keep in the medical ring for a bit longer to be on the safe side and to make sure it doesn’t close up and be persistent when it comes to cleaning it.

Invest in real silver/gold

Other alternatives may be cheaper and more affordable, but can make you more susceptible to infections as well making your skin take on a green tint. Having one or two is enough, at least for the first few months of having a new piercing to avoid any problems.

Rock it

This is the most important tip of all! You’ve gone through all this effort to take care of it, so you might as well show it off. Piercings can be a great boost of confidence, so have fun!

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