How This Generation’s “Horniness” is a Product of Sexual Oppression and Media Influence

By: Hadeel

Disclaimer: 16+, rated Mature, read at your own caution. This article is not meant to offend anyone nor is it to promote sexual behavior; it is simply meant to help you understand how different our urges are from the previous generations.

In a place where sex out of wedlock is a big no no, you’ll find a lot of extramarital sex. In a country where sexual repression is enforced and planted into people, you’ll find plenty of sexually aware people. In an arab country that stigmatizes sex, you’ll unsurprisingly find a huge amount of horny people. Everyone knows this fact- tell them not to do something and they’ll do it.

First of all we have to understand what sexual repression is. Sexual repression is when someone is unable to express their sexuality. When they do express themselves sexually it is often associated with feelings of guilt and shame. Let’s keep in mind that every culture has different examples and definitions of sexual desire. Something that you might find sexual and wrong might not be sexual or wrong in another culture.

The causes for sexual repression differ between people, but usually the two main reasons are cultural and societal norms. Due to the standards our society and culture has created for us we are forced to repress our desires. Parents and education have a role to play in sexual repression- they both chastise us for expressing our sexuality. But don’t think that teenagers are the only victims- no, adults also experience sexual repression.

Widows and widowers are often pressured to not engage in sexual relations once their significant other has passed away. But that’s obviously not the only scenario- physical problems like disability and obesity- plus, issues like long working hours and not being home for long periods of time result in sexual repression. And the most common is that since extramarital sex is looked down upon, couples, but most specifically women, have to wait until they get married to have sex and in some cases the husbands are usually insensitive to the women’s needs, and speed things up which results into the women becoming sexually repressed.

Symptoms of sexual repression are ignoring your sexual urges, suppressing your sexual urges, avoiding contact with members of the opposite sex or in cases the same sex, and becoming workaholic to avoid dealing with the problem are all symptoms of sexual repression. The most common ones are faking happiness when the person really isn’t, becoming unable to express one’s sexual dislikes and likes, and feeling guilty and shameful for being unable to accept one’s sexuality.

Effects can differ from one person to another- some don’t communicate with the other sex or the same sex fearing that it might arouse them, some neglect self care and become careless of how they look in hopes to not attract the other or same sex, and others suffer from depression, anxiety, guilt, insomnia, being unable to concentrate, low self esteem, and difficulty in talking to the same or opposite sex.

The best way to deal and prevent sexual repression is to gain knowledge of sexual education. If there is no awareness then no one will realize that they have a problem and won’t work towards solving it, but will suffer in silence. Seeking professional help is recommended for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, or those who sexual repression affects their everyday life. For couples though, y’all have to talk about your sexual desires- likes and dislikes. Instead of finding other ways to satisfy yourself, like one night stands and hooking up. Always use protection and learn a lot about Sex Ed before having sex. Remember that it’s totally okay being sexual, embrace that fact, but that doesn’t mean not being sexual and feeling comfortable is wrong. Both are equally normal and we should embrace our differences and similarities.

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