A Broke Teen’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Phone

By: Hedayette

Waiting to flip your phone to see if the screen is shattered or not after dropping it is one of the worst feelings for sure. Buying a new phone is really expensive, and us being broke doesn’t really help. Don’t worry though , I’ve dug up some things we can all do to ensure the longevity of our phones’ lives as much as possible!

Screen protector and case

This is a really obvious one(or two), but surprisingly, most people don’t have them on their phones. Both of these are the easiest ways to keep your phone crack-free. Screen protectors are the extra layer on our screens that we all need, especially taking into consideration the number of times we tend to drop our phones. Whenever you get a new phone, before even picking out a cover, make sure to ask for a screen protector!

Just land, no water

Avoid water at all costs, unless you’ve got a waterproof case. If it’s raining, make sure to put it away the second the water starts pouring down. Water may be a need of survival need for us, but when it comes to our phones, it’s an extremely easy way to destroy it.

Avoid small hands

No, I’m not talking about your hands, I’m talking about children. Kids may drop, scratch, or even lose the phone. If you really want to protect your phone you will want to keep it out of the hands of children.

Wipe your phone

Due to being taken everywhere with us, naturally phones become filled with germs. Wipe it down periodically to help keep it germ free. This is one that will protect you more than the phone.

Be temperature neutral

Phones do not do well in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. Heat can ruin your battery, so avoid keeping your phone sitting in the sun. The ideal temperatures are between 32 degrees and 95 degrees F; anything below or above that and it can damage the phone.

Get rid of unused apps

If you have apps you are not using and know you don’t want to use again, remove them from the phone; this will help free up space being used and makes slow running or lag-prone phones run much smoother.

Full Energy

Apple recommends that you do a full charge cycle once a month. This means charging it to 100% and then letting it die to 0%. Doing this will make your battery live a durable and healthy life. Don’t overdo this though since it wears it out so the battery life is shortened. Also, you should also avoid leaving your phone to its minimum charge, that is, zero percent as it may cause internal damage.

Backup, backup, and backup

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