7 Absolutely Perfect Date Ideas for a Special Valentine’s

By: Hagar Ibrahim

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. In Egypt, it is not the most celebrated ritual. Thus, making it hard for us to plan the perfect date for our loved ones. After thinking and planning, I’ve narrowed down some choices of dates that will surely make the butterflies in your stomach go crazy!

Back to basics

Food is everyone’s best friend. You can take your date to the most romantic spots in Cairo and call it a day. To add a romantic twist, you can take him/her to a fancy restaurant that has a beautiful view. Pepenero, sequoia, Cairoma, and many more restaurants offer beautiful scenery and mouth watering food.

Scavenger hunt

For the couple who love to solve mysteries: scavenger hunts are your thing. You can find printable clues online or even create your very own. You can have your hunt in an amusement park for a fun twist. Or you can have it in the restaurant you’re having dinner at. The thought and effort you’ll be putting into the hunt will surely set the romantic mood for the day.


Picnics are a cute, cheap and romantic way to spend your valentine’s day. You can simply make the foods you and your significant other enjoy and take them on the date they’ll never forget. Unfortunately, Egypt is not filled with parks and greenery, but there is always an alternative! Al-Azhar Park, Family Park (tagamoa) and Wadi Degla protectorate are beautiful spots where you can have your dinner and enjoy your view.

Movie Night

The cinema is always an option! To add a fun little twist, you can buy VIP tickets instead of normal tickets. This will make your experience a little more enjoyable and calmer. Grab your popcorn and soda and enjoy the movie while you’re next to your lover.


We often sleep on how beautiful our ancient history and culture are. You can spend your valentine’s day sightseeing and roaming around Cairo with your loves one/s.Although this isn’t your basic way of spending valentine’s day, spending that much time with your loved one is something cherishable. Plus, you can fangirl about the beauty and complexity of the old Egyptian art and architecture.

One day trip

One thing about train tickets is that they’re very cheap. You can take your boyfriend/girlfriend on a one day trip. But be wise while choosing your destination! Personally, ‘d recommend going to Alexandria or Aid El Sokhna. Why you ask? Both of them have a breathtaking sea view. Alexandria has a lot of romantic places to go to as well! From sitting by the sea to eating seafood, Alexandria is a good choice. If you’re craving a swim and seeing the mountains, Ain El Sokhna is your place to go.


While we love our luxurious beds, camping can be very fun if you have your favorite company. Camping is a good choice because it will strengthen your bond and your teamwork. You’ll go through good and bad together and it’s going to be super romantic. You can go camping at El Fayoum and Wadi Degla protectorate.

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