The Real Life of Every University Student in Egypt

By: Lana Hazem

Tab3an as most of you may know, we’re college kids now, w 3alashan ehna etdabessna f enena nefdal f masr tab3an benshouf 3agayeb el denya fel gam3a, I’m going to tell you about some of them – or at least dah el ​fe3lan ​beyehssal f gam3eti…

First day
Awel youm – for me kan awel week – beykoun ​bashe3, ​no one knows anyone w kolo beyboselak bassat ghareeba, trying to analyze your personality from what you’re wearing and basically how you look – talk about self consciousness. Ana kont a3raf 4 people dakhleen ma3aya, w to say I stuck to them for two weeks straight is an understatement

New people
Meeting new people is such a hard thing for many of us – aw yemken ana el feya haga ghalat msh 3arfa – el mohem, you’ll sit with all kinds of people from different countries, religions and cultures, but you’ll find a couple that you click with w congrats, you just found your best friends for the next 4-6 years.

Bas lehad ma tela2i baa el shella el sah, hay3adi aleik ​balawi soda​, massalan, fi el nas el heya weshohom fel ketab 24/7, el beyzakro el manhag abl ma yebda2o gam3a 3arfenhom doul? Fi baa shellet el gamers w doul kolohom welad mabeykalemoush gher ba3d asslan. Fi the rich spoiled brats w doul beykouno haga a3ouzobellah khales, fi baa el tenkeen doul rabena yeb3edhom 3anna inshallah, fel akher baa betla2i el nas el tabe3eya el zayak w bet-bond ma3 ba3d b enoko to3odo tseffo ala ba2y el nas – di haga lazem betehsal f kol gam3a, ​trust me –

Smoking in Uni
Tayeb for all you seniors out there, watch out, 3alashan everything changes lama tedkholo el gam3a.
Mara kont a3da f aman ellah w fag2a la2eit wahed ma3rafoush shad korsi w geh a3ad ma3aya – I wanted to be alone but, manners baa- he started talking then out of the blue sa2alni “ma3aki sagayer?” Oltelo nope fa meshi w sabni…yaani uninvited w bege7 kaman, anyway, if you smoke, mabrouk hate3leno eflasko at the end of the 1st semester.
W 3elbet el sagayer betkoun zay a pack of gum in school, lama had beyshofha ma3ak bey2oul le sohabo w yego ye2do 3aleiha f minute.


Dah baa topic lewahdo, fel gam3a mashallah welad betesh2ot w banat kaman betesh2ot mafish moshkela. Benezba lel banat beykoun fi shellet welad ​nefsohom​ yebosolhom, bas they never do. W fi welad ghareeba awi besaraha. You’re going to see all types of people so my advice is, law dakhleen el gam3a 3alashan tesh2oto -balash, it’s really not a “​goal” ​to be dating had ma3ak fel gam3a – believe me, I thought it was too. Etsadamt.

Car Flexing
Di begd aktar haga betdahakni fel denya, w usually this happens ma3 freshmen aktar men ba2eit the uni 3alashan homa lesa godad baa w kol wahed ma3ah 3arabeya ayez yessbet shakhseeto. F youm men el ayam kont mashya f aman ellah – kont bagri fel parking 3alashan metakhara 3ala lecture w fag2a la2eit wahed dakhel men el gate saye2 besor3a awi​ wehna ya3ni el parking msh mestahmel ay neela asslan, fa ashan ana gabana tele3t agri 3ashan matdassh -howa kamel 3ady-

Di kessa 3adeya yaani, fi balawi kteir gher keda. FYI, ana barouh el gam3a bel ​bus 🙂

This is literally the most important topic benezbali, w lel asaf its a disappointment. Awel esbou3en you’re going to be so excited fa msh hayefre2lak the food choices fel gam3a, msh moshkela eno mafish gher beanos w foul mosamam, w lama rabenna karamna fatah beta3 burger, kol el haykoun mohem fel awel howa the vibe eno you’re old baa w f gam3a w bta3.

Two weeks max,​ w you’ll be pulling your hair out, pack your lunch dude.
I think ana karahtoko fel gam3a bezyada fa hakhrass baa, I really missed writing random shit.

Lilo, out x

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