12 Self Care Tips for When Everything Goes to Shit

By: Youmna

We all know these midweek days when your to-do list just keeps getting longer, the week is not ending, and all is going to shit. Other times it’s just two hours through sunday but you’ve zero energy to start another stressful week and you’re minutes away from a mental breakdown – when you didn’t even recover from the last one! So, I made you guys and myself a list of pretty simple self care tips and basic reminders (as if we didn’t have enough lists and reminders in our week already) that help you deal with these dreaded days from waking up to bedtime without costing you a penny.

1. Drink Water

That’s an obvious one, but you need to be reminded. It’s really good to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning because we wake up dehydrated. And the least thing you want is to be dehydrated, which is have a headache, which is feel crappy all day.

2. Start the Day Doing Something You Love                                                     

I think there’s no better way to start your day than by quitting being grumpy and putting yourself in a good mood right away. Be that by running, feeling a hot cup of tea or coffee in your hands, meditating, or making yourself a healthy meal to grab along, you do you. Something that does me and many others good is to blast my favorite tunes while having breakfast and/or on my way to uni. So jam your jazz, your fave pop songs, or even a classic fairouz to get in the mood early on.

3. Enjoy Breakfast                                            

That’s one I need to do because breakfast on the go is my everyday breakfast. So to the tons of you out there who are like me, we need to fit in just 10 more minutes to sit down and enjoy a good breakfast. It does make a difference to eat something tasty and nutritious that treats our metabolism well. Remember breakfast is your fuel for the day. And it’s particularly important to keep you going on the hellish days.

4. Make Your Baggage Lighter

You’ve a long day ahead of you so I guess you don’t need that extra weight on your shoulders. So put in mind while you’re getting your bag ready the back pain that’ll be throbbing by the end of the day. Then it’s a great idea to lighten your bag as much as you can.

5. Get Off Your Phone

After checking your texts and social media in the a.m, it’s easy to keep your hands glued to the phone. Well, you don’t need that waste of time now. Plus you gotta limit screentime, for real it’s a shitload of information being thrown at your face at the speed of light. While when you take a break off social media it makes you think better, and do better. Just focus on what you gotta do and keep away from the phone, it works wonders.

6. Move

Move all over your school, uni, and literally “run” those errands. I know it’s hard to stop being the lazy ass you are, but it’s good to get off that desk at lunch break and take the stairs once in a while. And it does make you feel better, short and long term. Keep that in mind on the stressful days where you can’t fit a workout. 

7. Sit Up Straight

While you’re still there being a lazy ass, at least take care of yourself by keeping good posture and not slouching. You’ll be thanking yourself 50 years later.

8. Have a Mini Dance Party

It’s midday, you got back home and all you wanna do now is take an extended nap until tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, the day is not done yet and you got five minutes before you’re back getting shit done. So.. it’s dance party time. Also a dance party while getting dressed is always a good idea, tell me about that boost of confidence. Just play your jam and get those moves on solo in your room, feels amazing. Dance your stress away.

9. Say No to Unwanted Plans         

I always do that one, and do my friends hate me? Maybe. Do I regret it? I don’t think so. Okay so by the afternoon your friends call and there’s a last minute plan to try this new burger place. You have tons to do but still you’ll try to go and not miss out either because you miss them or you’re craving those burgers, many times both. BUT you’re missing that this dinner will not only ruin your diet but will also cause you to hussle between tasks and keep some slots on your to do list unchecked. Trust me, now is the time to say “No guys, sorry I can’t.” Simply, you’ll just need to stick to your priorities sometimes, yea and remember that rest and recharge time are also priorities. You don’t want to miss out on that relief and satisfaction when you actually do all what you wanted to do. That was the longest tip ever, I guess that says something. You’re welcome.

10. Work Out with a Friend

So instead of making your friends hate you for saying no to the less healthy plans, you could suggest working out together and now you’re a supportive friend. It’s a win win since you’re meeting up and having fun while staying active. Now ditch the cafe and take it to the grind with your buddy.

11. Off Time and Self-Reflection 

Finally the day is over and you have some precious time before you snooze to relax. So instead of wasting it on your phone, apart from checking teenntimes of course, take some time to to do absolutely nothing after the hectic day. It’s not tea time, nor phone time, nor overthinking time, just nothing time. Later, get the mindfulness game going and reflect on the things you’re grateful for in your life. Just think of 5 things that didn’t totally suck today and write them down. 

12. Sleep

Yeah that’s a type of self care, the most important one, there’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. You need 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye, so you can snooze your way to self care. To hell with the all nighters – sleep already! You can rest now, I’m done.

Since i’m done writing this self care article while falling apart, gotta go chillax. Hope this comes in handy.

Take care.

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