We Ask Uni Freshman What They Wish They Knew in 9th Grade

By: Sevine Ahmed

I asked University freshmen what they wish they knew in 9th grade, since there’s a huge contrast from freshmen High school to freshmen Uni, alas new beginnings. Here I asked them questions that differ from career plans, friends, family and many more. Their advice to you since they can only reminiscent on the choices and paths they chose for themselves. I asked more than 1 freshman to be able to get multiple points of view on every conflict that you can get from 9th grade throughout High school, some had mostly the same answers, while others were more or less different.

Question: First thing to pop in your head when you remember 9th grade and the things you wish you knew?


● I wish I knew the fights with my mom will only make us stronger with time and that my best friend at the time will turn out to be a total bitch and I wish I knew nothing was worth my energy because right now in college, I don’t remember half the shit that made me cry.

● I wish I asked for help, because my actions screamed for help but I didn’t so no one understood.

● I wish I loved myself.

● ‘7ars wala ta5oon’ really fucking wished I knew that even my closest friends can betray me too.

● Shitty, different kinda alone in a crowded room.

● I wish I wasn’t a goody goody, and been more unapologetic.

Q:Did your career plan change since 9th grade..if yes what affected it and what made you change your mind?

Bottom line, don’t stress because some people found their passion and future career goals since the start of High school. While others, had to experiment and change their minds a heck of a lot of time but nonetheless found it towards the end. But don’t make your parents influence your choice, because after all you’re the one entering the uni and stuck with the career throughout your whole life..not them, sure you want to make them proud, but to an extent, if they really love and support you, they’ll be supportive even though your plan isn’t the one they initially planned for you.

Q:Relationship kid-parent, how much did it change better/worse or did it stay the same?

Most of the answers I got were that the relationships that were awful have subsided but it’s not necessarily better, the parents are mostly too controlling and even though they fight, they know that they love each other but hurt each other at the same time. The strings that gave the parents

the right to control their kid’s everyday lives in 9th grade are almost non existent in uni, because when you get older they no longer have the power to control you anymore, you’re basically an adult, so they no longer have as much impact as before. So the whole concept of ‘parents get more understanding with time’ thing is not necessarily true, it’s just easier now to do whatever you want without them agreeing.

Q:Was social status important to you then, do you think that if you were more/less popular you’d have a better experience throughout High school, and did your friends stay or did you fall apart?

Some were obsessed with fitting in, even trying too hard, some didn’t even give two shits, but if they had the chance to change their friends and popularity, they wouldn’t have done it because social status shouldn’t affect you and how your High school experience turns out. In the end, everyone was thoroughly content with the friends they made regardless where they stood in the stupid social hierarchy. They would rather have a small circle of friends than a big group of 20 that is pretty much useless after High school, some friends stayed while others left. Even though sometimes it had nothing to do with uni, the true ones always find a way to stay in addition to the hectic uni life. One person’s best friend is still the same since 9th grade, there are truly some people who would stick by your side through thick and thin.

Q: Right now if you could give your 9th grade self advice on dating, what would it be?and do you regret ever having a relationship then?

Most of the answers I received were that ‘7ata5dy 3ala dema8ek’ (to the point that all her exes admitted that they treated her like shit..but they’re on good terms now) and that they’re all fuckboys (even the ones who are nice..it’s just a facade to lure you in). Some never had a dating experience, and some said that 9th grade is just too young to make your poor young heart go through all this hassle called love. But some advice that would be give, such as, ‘be patient’ and don’t ever think for a second that the guy you’re crushing on at the moment will even cross your mind in a year or two. Last but not least, advise ‘Don’t fall in love, become a monk, start a feminist cult and don’t talk to boys’.

Q: Personality change from freshman High school to freshman Uni, was it drastic or non existent, who do you prefer your 9th grade self or your present self?

‘You get stronger (and wiser) with time’, really suits this situation. With time, all will heal, because based on the answers I got, everyone was happy with their present self. They are in a better place than 9th grade, fought through years of hell (aka High school) and some fought through depression and other mental illnesses, some were shallow and weren’t aware of a lot of things that were happening around them (backstabbing, insecurities, future,etc..) Mostly, all in all, they are really happy with themselves now. They’re also happy with how they began expressing themselves freely without having the burden of being judged and caring about what

other people have to say or think on their backs, sure they might put other people’s opinion in consideration, but not as much as in their 9th grade, they don’t really care that much anymore.

Q: Regrets?

Some don’t regret anything. The ones who do though, said that they regret worrying too much, blindly trusting people, being really sensitive, being a drama queen, not having a higher self esteem and not doing great academically, but after all you learn from your mistakes so go out there and live your life since you’re gonna do mistakes anyways!

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