How to Fix and Hide Greasy Hair Without Anyone Knowing

By: Kanzy Nada

So let’s picture this together:

You are wandering around a pink forest. There are blue lizards, a purple sun and a bunch of colourful birds and then you hear an annoying sound and you start to fade away from this mesmerizing wonderland you were roaming around in. Gosh! It’s that goddamned alarm of yours that you’ve already snoozed three times. You get off of your bed abruptly and put on whatever clothes you find in front you. What’s left? You need to style your hair, go, go, go!

You look in the mirror and it hits you, you forgot to wash your hair yesterday *face palms*

You look at the clock and you’re 10 minutes late. “Shit” you think, you are done for. Definitely doomed.

Well not anymore because I have gathered 4 really helpful tips to disguise your greasy hair when you are out of time.

  1. Dry Shampoo. Duhh!

The answer to all our problems. May god bless dry shampoo. Just spray some along your roots and massage your hair as if you are actually washing it. If the effect is not immediate, just wait a couple of minutes for it to soak all the oil and then you are all good.

  2. Use a (cute) hair accessory.

Out of dry shampoo? Not an issue. Make sure you have a bunch of thick headbands. Also a hat would work wonders and hide your hair. Maybe even borrow a scarf from your mum and try to do anything that looks stylish with it and when you get some compliments on your look, make sure not to tell them the real reason you style your hair like this.

 3. Use baby powder, it doesn’t smell as terrible as you think, don’t you worry.

Baby powder is like the best alternative for dry shampoo. Apply the way you would with dry shampoo. Few drops on the roots and massage till it disappears.

Tip: if you have darker hair, don’t use much because it may be visible and we don’t want to go around with white blotches in our hair.

4. Try a hairstyle that doesn’t expose your greasy hair.

One of my favourite tricks honestly is putting my hair into a big bun, and maybe even add a headband.

Try doing a dutch braid, a fishtail braid, or even just the regular braid would do the deed.

Ever thought about channeling your inner model? Ever wanted to be the next Kim Kardashian? It’s your time to shine. Put your hair into a very sleek ponytail and use some hairspray to keep it in place. The sleek model ponytail won’t work with a newly washed hair so when you have greasy hair, make sure you put that into use.

Try a half-up half-down hairstyle. Greasy hair = non-existent.

After you have settled on one of those ways, Bye bye to the “I have greasy hair” and welcome the “I have greasy hair but I rock it” kind of days.

Tip for the future: don’t put yourself into that situation, make sure you wash your hair regularly, that’s the only actual tip I am going to give you.

You may have greasy hair and no time to even fix it, yeah, I’ll pass.

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