My Body Is Not an Object and I Don’t Have to Cover it to Be Respected

By: Maram Faragallah

“She’s showing her body, she doesn’t respect herself”

“She slept with him, she sold her body.”

“She putting her body on display for everyone to see. She’s a whore, selling her body.”

This one I read on twitter, literally a girl with a knee-length dress puts a photo and a guy is like, “Why are you selling your body like that? The likes and the comments are not gonna benefit you on judgment day.”

Society thinks of women’s bodies as one thing and one thing alone.

“An object”

When a girl covers her body then she’s considered respectful, but when a girl shows it. What do they call her? A cheap woman.

Society considers women as objects, expensive when they cover but cheap when they show their body. “She sold her body” when she decided to have sex. She became a cheaper object when she wasn’t a virgin.

When I want to wear short dresses or show my stomach, my mom says that I should respect my body and not show skin like that. And when a woman shows skin, my mother always has this disapproving look on her face. “She may be a good person, but she’s giving the impression that she’s something else.” Whore is what is probably meant.

A guy on Twitter one time said, “When I see a woman with a headscarf, I respect her and think of her as valuable and worthy because she covering herself, but when I see a woman who’s showing her body, she immediately becomes cheap in my eyes.”

And my answer was, “Because you view a woman’s body as an object that can be sold or bought, and it loses value/ is cheaper after usage. I don’t think of my body as an object.”

Here’s a message to men,

A woman’s body is not an object. We’re not the difference between a used car and a new one. And we’re certainly not the difference between a covered lollipop and the bare one that gets attacked by flies or ants.

We’re our own selves, you don’t own us and you don’t get to “use us”. You fucking respect us and whatever we offer. We don’t dress up to get swarmed by animals thinking our dress said yes!


A woman

A message to women,

Don’t treat your body like an object. And certainly don’t fall for your (and their) brainwashing and start to slut-shame or body-shame women for whatever they choose to do or wear.

When someone calls you cheap for showing some skin, flip your hair over your shoulder and yell, “My body is not an object.”


A woman.

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