9 Steps to Achieving an Insane School/Uni Presentation

By: Naira Mostafa

Three years ago, I couldn’t give a proper presentation if my life depended on it. Now I’m not saying I’m a pro now but I’ve significantly improved since my time in freshman year of high school. Here are some tips and tricks to give a bomb ass presentation. Good luck 😉 

And I don’t mean reading about the topic and that’s it. Get into it! Go to extreme extents. Spend hours researching the topic until you find something that’s actually a bit surprising about it and incorporate that into your presentation. Getting to know your topic as much as you can is a major step. 

After you research the topic, cluster things that are alike together. This will make your presentation a lot more organized and will help your audience follow. You can add sub-topics to topics and sub-sub-topics and so on. This will take a little time because you’re gonna have to connect the dots carefully but it’s really effective.

Nobody really cares about a presentation with too many words. It’s literally the least attractive way to present anything. If you look at a slide with more than 20 words in it you won’t care to read it. Visuals are more important. They grab people’s attention and help them imagine what the presenter is talking about. Adding just a sentence or two under or above or just around the pictures is more than enough for you to remember all the information about the slide. 

People love being on the edge of their seat. Pick information that will surprise your audience. Engage them. Add questions, make them share their opinions, add a meme, or pick a fun template! Just add something unexpected to your presentation that can make it memorable. Make it light hearted if the topic isn’t about like cancer or something. 

This is optional, but if you get nervous quickly or just struggle with remembering stuff, I highly recommend it. Write down key info that’s not on the slide. This will remind you of what you should say and will also give you a sense of security knowing that you have backup if you forget the things you researched. The most important thing is to NOT READ. Just a quick glance will do the trick. Don’t write full paragraphs. Making eye contact with your audience is very important so you don’t wanna ruin that. 

You’re gonna feel ridiculous at first when you’re standing in front of the mirror talking to yourself but you will thank me later when it’s presentation day. Practice is everything! Practice your posture, the things you will say, the way you will walk around the room. Everything, just like it’s the big day. 

Don’t use big words or phrases you can’t understand. If you stutter it won’t be the best thing ever. Kinda embarrassing. But don’t worry if you do, it happens to the best of us. I’m just telling you the best way to avoid it. Don’t focus on the number of people in the room. Or who you’re presenting for. Just focus on the words you’re saying and the information you gathered. 

There is literally nobody in the room you’re gonna give your presentation in that’s perfect. They all made mistakes. They’re all human. Don’t worry about how they look at you or what they’re doing during the presentation. Besides, if you do follow these simple steps they will actually love your presentation. So if you’re ready, be confident! There is literally nothing else to giving a presentation, it isn’t magic or anything. 

I didn’t really know where to put that so lemme just put it here lmao. Basically, jump at every opportunity of public speaking. If you’re scared of it, you have to conquer it. You have to start somewhere. So participate in debates, MUNs, or just simply reading aloud in class. This will definitely help prepare you for later. 

Working hard on your presentations definitely pays off so don’t just cram everything in the night before it’s due. Procrastination is your ENEMY! 

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