Is the Devil Really All That Bad?

By: Rawan Khalil

Disclaimer: this is not supposed to be offensive in any way! It might seem scandalous, but this is just a speculative article with a new view at things.

The Devil

The supreme spirit of evil also known as Satan

Another common less-well-known name for the Satan is Morning Star which literally means light bearer.

How ironic can the devil’s names be. One, screaming evil and the other screaming good. Is the devil really as terrible as we make him out to be? I mean the devil is not evil, but he punishes evil and he does it because that was his punishment for opposing god- so if anything he does not have a choice, because he was doomed by god to punish those who sin. He is part of god’s administration and his job is to expose treachery, and he cannot harm anyone without god’s permission, so he does not really possess the sort of power we envision him to possess, in fact, it seems like he is just a pawn.

May I also point out that the devil is said to be the most beautiful of all angels, so why would god create the most beautiful of angels just to destine him to oppose him.

We perceive the devil as the Prince of Darkness. But why is that? Just because he sinned once he was labelle as the devil, but if we look at us humans we sin just as much as we do good, and we all sin in different ways. Some drink wine which is perceived sinful, others lie, cheat, steal or murder people. And, these are all sins, yet none of us would like to wear everyone else’s sins on our sleeves, in fact we would flinch away at the thought of our own sins, but despite of that we tend to blame most of our sins on the devil!

There is this saying which says: even the devil was once an angel. One which you’ve probably heard before followed by a warning sign to not trust anyone, because if one of the celestial stellar being managed to lie, sin and become the fallen angel- the one constantly magnifying our darkest desires and letting us at times fulfill them by doing horrible acts like stealing, lying, and at times killing, and the creature manipulating our desires like that was an angel, so how bad can humans be in comparison- first thought: definitely much worse!

How can we trust so easily? It does make sense to take our time with people, to not trust so naive-ly  and to only give our trust to those who deserve it, slowly. I mean, how can you be metaphorically naked in front of a person, and show them the most genuine and raw parts of you, if you are not 100% sure that they have earned that with time, and tests in the form of journeys that the world put you in? How can you trust someone who is not giving you back their trust?

How can a human- with all our imperfections be deserving of that trust, if even an angel has proven himself unworthy?

You may be nodding at your screen right now.

But, let me just say even though trust should be hard-earnt I did manage to this same saying: even the devil was once an angel- from a different perspective.

Hear me out, even the most terrible of individuals are not actually that bad, or at least are not inherently so. We were all once babies- pure and unalloyed with any of the bad things out there, but as they grow they change. They become individuals with personalities; some become good but some don’t but their origin is the same. In other words, humans may be, just like the devil inherently good but capable of sin, capable of changing and adapting to become worse, but also to become better.

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