Confronting our Fear of Death

By: Kanzy Nada and Rawan Khalil

Our silent fear. The avoided conversation. The ugly thought which when mentioned is quickly brushed off. Death. It roams in our heads and around us all the time. People die. We are all mortals, yet we tend to hate that nature. We hate our humanity. We seek immortality to: “not die without fulfilling our dreams and our potential.” Sounds familiar? We bet it does. Such an overly said phrase usually uttered after: “oh I’m not scared of death- I’m just scared of dying without…” correct us if we’re wrong but that is exactly fear of death. Dreams are infinite because they correlate with wants but the life we have is finite, and the days we are alive are bound to end. Every breath we take is one closer to our last breath.

Allow us to objectify humans. We are all different and wild, and to make us the same there are two things we all have in common. We are all born, and we all die. It’s an inevitable life cycle.

So welcome to our new world- were humans are just a little less unique and way more ruled by their fear. Our Kings and Queens who are to be always respected are: Thanato (The Queen of Death), Nycto (The Queen of Darkness and Nightmares) and Necro (The King of Dying). They rule with one thing in mind: one’s fear of something amplifies how badly they deal with it. Our ill-treatment of the idea of death is a product of our fear of death. Fear and power are tied together by an inextricable bond, because overcoming fear bring about power that one doesn’t posses. In this new world you are gonna see how we dismiss power as we magnify it in a more gruesome way!

Welcome to Mors Terram “Death land”, these are the rules we abide by and we do hope you blindly follow.

One shall fear death

One shall stay a coward

We solemnly swear to blindly follow.

One shall stay silent

One shall not declare their fear of death

We solemnly swear to blindly follow.

You shall fear your ruler, for she alone can protect you from what lays beyond the veil of humanity.

She alone can protect you from death.

We solemnly swear to blindly follow.

O’Hail Queen Thonato.

Queen Thonato graces us with those words every time death crosses our mind to remind us of our morals and ethics, and of what is really in our favour, for one cannot live without a sense of honour and duty. In all fairness, she may be a little harsh on us sometimes, but she knows how to protect us from a greater evil, immortality ’s greatest and most honourable foe; death.

We all think about it, how it manages to stay the only constant in an ever-changing life. How cruel it is, for taking the ones we love and eventually it’ll take us too.

We all think about it, for it is inevitable, but we can never speak of such wicked thoughts out loud.

She says that speaking of such terrible things, brings it sooner than expected, and one will not like what happens when death graces us with its presence.

None of us wants to bring doom upon themselves, so we try to dismiss any thought that crosses our mind and that is because if one crosses our mind it is executed. If a person utters a word in this kingdom about how they fear death they are quickly executed just like the thought which is easily brushed off in reality.

Welcome to Tenebris Terram ”Dark land”, these are our rules and we do hope you blindly follow.

One shall see nightmares and never utter a word about them.

One shall think of death but not speak of it.

One shall see darkness and run away.

One shall live in fear of pain.

One shall never.



We will blindly abide to the rules set in Tenebris Terram.

O’Hail Queen Thonato.

O’Hail Queen Nycto.

Fear of death affects our everyday life including our sleep, dreams and nightmares. It shapes what we permit ourselves to talk about and what we hush ourselves from discussing. It’s a looking shadow. A creepy whisper. A gloomy ghost. It is a reminder of pain and grief. A monster so reminiscent of sorrow that we tend to obey the Queen Nycto even if we ought not be obedient.

Queen Nycto is one of Queen Thonato’s favourite rulers, so we are in safe hands. We are frightened by our nightmares, because it always holds some kind hidden implicit truth inside it, a horrible one, but a truth indeed. The amount of fear that our nightmares bring upon us is immense, even bigger than our fear of death. Because in nightmares, we get a glimpse of the unending suffering we will endure in death. Our fears are six feet under, or so they thought.

Welcome to Timor Terra “Land of fear”, these are our laws and we do hope you blindly follow.

One shall be scared of dying

One shall be scared of the dead, for they hunt us.

Yet one shall never speak.of fear.

One shall never show fear.

One shall never allow fear to roam around our realms.

One shall not allow fear to be more than mere thoughts.

We swear to never rebel against what we stand for.

O’Hail Queen Thonato.

O’Hail King Necro.

They may think that they are ruling us, but we are ruled by our fears. Fear is what controls us, for we are cowards. Fear is what controls us, for we are wimps. Our decisions are based on fear. Our actions are based on fear. We may not speak of it but it still haunts us, because does one really get rid of such wicked thoughts? Sometimes it becomes unbearable, to have something take accomodation in your mind with no intention of ever leaving it, yet you cannot speak your mind because if you did, you are as good as dead. In the kingdoms, they literally kill you but in reality don’t they kill you too? Not actually kill you, but they do kill your freedom of speech.


That cowardice is to blame for the world’s injustices.


In freedom from fear, in denying fear the power to influence our decisions.


In acknowledging fear and the extent to which it rules us.


In facing that fear no matter what the cost to our comfort, our happiness, or even our sanity.

Those were a few lines from the dauntless faction manifesto. The dauntless are fearless, or at least they have learned to rule their fears instead of making their fears rule them. Dethroning their fears and getting their hands on the crown is what they did, it’s all just a game of thrones anyway.

Our fear of dying is so reminiscent in how we build our lives to every detail but ignore our graves. The place where we would rest eternally. If anything really we should focus on it more, but we are too scared. And, it does make sense. Death is daunting and scary. But it will happen one way or another, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but we cannot avoid the only explicit truth in our lives. You can’t tell someone not to fear the reaper, when you’re not giving them any chance of even acknowledging their fear of death. It should be acknowledged, yes, but it shouldn’t be allowed power over our lives

One last thing: head to the castle and get that damn crown, because we won’t let no fear rule over us.

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