6 Steps to Helping You Gain Weight

By: Malak Atwa

Food. For some this may be just a regular word like any other,yet for others it may make them tremble and shiver. It’s all about maintaining a good balance and trying to not over or under eat, also to eat healthy. Gaining weight may not really seem like much of a struggle to most average people,but it’s actually much harder to gain rather than lose weight. Whether its due to your fast/high metabolism, or maybe an eating disorder, gaining weight isn’t as easy as people may lead on or even believe for that matter.

Personally, my relationship with food has always been stable,maybe even too stable. I do however have a relatively fast metabolism which has unfortunately made me underweight for the majority of my life. With that said, i’m not searching for pitty, or creating a problem that isn’t there, i am not belittling the struggles of losing weight, nor am i somehow trying to “show off”,it’s not an advantage. If anything it’s an inconvenience because just like the obstacles of being overweight or struggling to lose it,being underweight or struggling to gain it comes with many, many, many disadvantages and risks concerning physical and mental health. But, i am not going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages,this isn’t a pros and cons school essay. But, i am going share with you some of the knowledge that i have gained through walking these shoes of a person who has trouble gaining weight.

#1 Exercise:

Exercising is all about building muscle. When you’re underweight you may be weak and feel fatigue quite often. By building muscles or strengthening your already existing muscles it will help you not only gaining a few pounds but also feeling much stronger. Not only that, but it also helps stimulate your appetite.

#2 Diet:

This may sound weird as dieting is usually associated with losing weight and not gaining it,but actually there are diets for people wanting to gain weight. Sometimes, when it comes to gaining weight a healthy diet is all you need. Eating whole-grain bread, pasta, cereal, dairy products-if not lactose intolerant-and lean protein like nuts and seeds, or just a lot of carbs overall can help you gain more weight.

#3 Eat Frequently:

This may be a bit hard for eating disorder recoverers, but it does work and when push comes to shove eating frequently may do the trick. Adding extra calories to your dishes such as cheese or fat free dried milk. Snack on nuts, peanut butter,fruits or vegetables. Don’t eat junk food as that won’t really do you any favors, it may add a few pound but it would be unhealthy and you’ll lose them quicker than when you gained them.

#4 Sugar:

Always be mindful of excess sugar and fats because they do have some health risks. But, contrary to popular belief eating fruits is good for you whether you are trying to gain or lose weight, as fruit contains healthy sugar that lessen sugar cravings and boosts up your energy. Not all sugar is bad for you.

#5 Gorge (sensibly) on Drinks:

Don’t drink water before meals as it will make you feel more full therefore you’ll eat much less than you are required to. Try drinking higher calorie beverages along with a meal or a snack. Drinking smoothies or healthy shakes-with milk and fresh or frozen fruits-may also do the trick.

#6 Divide Your Meals:

When you’re underweight or recovering from an eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia, you may tend to feel full faster than the average human being. So, dividing your average 3 meals into 6 smaller meals with 2-3 hours apart throughout the day rather than 3 big meals will help you in gaining a few needed pounds. Also, increasing your carbohydrates and protein intake may give you a faster result.

At the end of the day, gaining weight healthily is not just about tripling the amount of calories you eat, it’s mainly about adding more calories that have actual nutritional value. The better the food is for your body, the likelier the chance you’ll actually gain the weight you want, slowly and steadily while achieving a good health status.

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