Barbie Doll

By: Sevine Ahmed

We all had barbie dolls growing up, pretty, skinny, and blonde haired beauties, the same beauties whose bodies we now desire. Why are we so obsessed with being them? Looking pretty, poised, and perfect? The answer is MEDIA.

If you scroll through your instagram feed what do you find, memes, quotes, funny videos and vines, makeup tutorials, it differs from one person to another, but surely you will find, an instagram model, a hollywood actress, a model, basically a pretty, skinny barbie.

We have different body types, all of us, you may be the healthiest person alive, yet you’ll still have some fat, because you need it to stay alive, healthy does not by any means mean skinny and vice versa, healthy means comfortable in your own skin, it means eating well not less, healthy means alive, it means happy. If you’re not healthy but skinny then you’ll be tired, and sad, believe me.

Social media, or media in general, has ruined our lives, yes it has its perks, it keeps us up with the news, fashion, what’s trendy and what’s not, recipes, etc..

But what about the gossips, the paparazzi ruining celebrities’ lives, but most importantly the perfect body they tell us to have, yes some share body positivity, but there’s still the magazines who make fun of people who don’t possess the skinny body, or the hourglass shaped body, we are different; they understand that yet still oblige us to follow their stupid standards and make us feel less, or bad, or just simply not beautiful. Because we’re not as skinny as Victoria Secret Angels, we don’t have Beyonce’s hourglass shaped body. You know what though? We’re still beautiful, worthy and enough even if we don’t go by their “standards”.

Let’s talk about models; they’re pretty, skinny, and tall, but there’s also plus size models, they aren’t as skinny as “the normal models”, hell, they’re not skinny at all, but they’re as pretty as the skinny models, they don’t get enough credit though, of all the plus size models, there’s only few who are famous, like Ashley Graham and Jordyn Woods, these are just two of a whole “category”, yet we can list 100 “normal models”, like Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, the list goes on.

Now, if I started with “they’re pretty and tall” or “they’re girls who walk around showcasing different types of clothing for different brands” which names would’ve popped up in your minds?

What if I said “like Ashley Graham” would you have corrected me saying they’re plus size models, because even if, they’re still models, and THAT is their HEALTHY weight.

Did you know that when these models are asked by strangers ‘what’s their jobs’ and they answer with plain ‘model’ they get weird looks and have to correct themselves “Oh, I’m a plus size model” just so people understand.

Anyways, some of us eat a lot yet are still skinny, some of us get fatter by the smell of chocolates, either way, you’re still pretty, and most importantly happy, happy in your skin. Because without that happiness, or that comfortableness, then even if you lose/gain the pounds, you’ll want more, you’ll become greedy, and you probably won’t ever be happy unless you change the way you see yourself, from too fat or too skinny, to happy in your own skin. And that is when you’ll be able to lose/gain pounds without feeling that there’s still more to do, without feeling incompetent, or unworthy of something. You’ll be confident, comfortable and at peace.

In the end, what I’m saying is, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, you shouldn’t deprive yourself from something because you feel less or unworthy of it, because YOU ARE WORTHY OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Being skinny or chubby does not define who you are as a person and I hope you understand that. Whatever your body looks like, if you’re confident/happy/comfortable in your skin then hell with barbie, the media or what anybody has to say about you or your body.

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