Stop Being a Negativity-Absorbing Sponge

By: Zeina El Mofty

Everyone who knows me personally, knows how much of a chirpy, smiley, and happy bean I almost always am. I’m that one friend that’s always positive to an extent that it’s sometimes annoying. In other words, I am the real life version of SpongeBob. How ironic though, the topic’s literally me telling you not to be a sponge, but teaching you how to be a sponge. But you get it don’t you? If you don’t just listen you’ll get it as I proceed.

Most people we know, or at least most the ones I know, have an obsession over being grumpy, apparently. A straight face is their most worn property, if not a frown. Complaining is the new trendy conversation starter. Whether it’s about school, work, the weather today or their life in general. You come into the classroom or office and they’re just there with a sad sleepy look as if they are all 47 year-old widows (no offense to 47 year-old widows). What the hell is up with you guys? Don’t get me wrong, I care about mental health and I know most teens go through issues but that’s not what I’m addressing. What sucks is the effect of people who are negative, just for the sake of being negative, on you. Automatically, you’ll absorb all the negative energy they radiate and allow it to diffuse throughout your being like the worst type of sponge you could possibly be.

The thing is, it’s a chain reaction. It starts with your friend’s dad who was in a bad mood because of work, to your friends mom who gets grumpy because her husband is grumpy. She then possibly fights with your friend about God knows what, which results to your friend being in an even worse mood than he already was because the house’s WiFi is too weak. Your friend then goes to school, meets you and a couple of your other friends , and the first thing he does is complain about how much yesterday sucked for him and then mentions that you have history class which gets all of you in an even more sucky mood . You then go home tired and are in your “ eh el araf dah” phase and possibly fight with your mom or dad about, again , God knows what, and the loop never ends; I’m here to tell you how to break it.

As cheesy as it sounds , smile in the face of the frowners because if you don’t, you’ll frown too. Trust me it’s hella contagious. When they start complaining about whatever, I’m not telling you to give them advice or make them feel better , but to simply either tell them not to talk about it or, if you’re not rude enough, hear them but don’t listen. Getting my point yet, bro?

I keep stressing on this topic, but focus on the little things. Allow the stupidest ,tiniest things that would normally just make you smile to yourself in you head , make your day. Enjoy and feel every sip of your morning coffee , style your hair into something new and vibrant for a change, hug your friends because you love them, even if you see them everyday and listen to your favorite song on your way to school and work. Trust me , these little things boost your mood big time. Make something as silly as using multi-colored pens when studying make you feel more productive. Make your own day rather than waiting for someone else to make it for you. I know that , as you read this, you’re thinking I’m just rephrasing tumblr motivational quotes but I’m not . I went from despising school and going out to absolutely loving everything about it, just by doing what I’m telling you. 

Whether you think it’s cheesy, believe it or not, a smile is as equally contagious as a frown. You can be a lonely negativity-absorbent sponge disguised as an old lonely , large-nosed and hateful squid (SquidWard in this case) , or you can be a radiant smiley lil bean like SpongeBob. Totally your call.

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