Abortion – A Question of Human Rights and Deviance

By: Malak Atwa

DISCLAIMER! I respect all women and mothers because they are such badasses and I am in no way, shape, or form hating, judging, or trying to offend women who have been through,will go through, or are going through abortions. This is merely my perspective on abortion. 

Abortion is a very difficult topic to discuss as there are many misconceptions about it and I really hope that I bring it as much justice as I possibly can. Freedom of choice is a basic human right that everybody should have access to obviously, but what if that person isn’t even born yet? Abortion is deliberately terminating a human pregnancy during the first 28 weeks for whatever reason that may be. 

Now if you ask me if I am with or against abortion, that question would honestly be very difficult to answer as there is no correct answer. It -abortion – involves two people who deserve basic human rights,women should have the choice of going through or not going through with the pregnancy, but the child that the woman is bearing should have a right as to whether or not they get to have a life as well. I find it utterly and completely selfish and irresponsible to take an unborn childs life because of your own doing and your own mistakes, but that still doesn’t mean I’m against it.

Unfortunately in certain scenarios there isn’t an option. There are many reasons as to why a woman may be getting an abortion that may include the following reasons…

A) Result of a crime.

That crime would be incest,child abuse or rape. Rape is undeniably one of the worst things that could ever happen to anyone but especially a woman because she-unlike a man-can in fact get pregnant and that could change the entire course of her life,the path she wanted to take. In case of rape,abortion is completely permissible as well as in case of incest or molestation.  

B) Health.

If the child is affecting the mother to be mentally or physically,abortion is permissible as well. Some mothers to be are suffering from disease that could in danger the child or the child if born would potentially suffer from physical or mental handicaps. Some have argued that aborting a child just because they’ll come out being  handicapped is offensive to disabled people as it implies that they and their lives are less worthwhile than the “average” human being.

C) Social reasons.

That may include the mother to be is living in poverty or she is unable to provide certain needs and/or necessities for the child. Another reason may be that the mother to be is simply too young and that may be because of her being rapped at a young age or not using contraceptives during sex which is again irresponsible like I’ve said previously. Substituting contraceptives with abortion is completely absurd when you can simply use contraceptives in the first place.

D)Government policy.

And finally, some countries have population control polices to only birth 1 child and no more like in China. Due to Chinas over population the “one child policy” was established in the early 80s basically stating that if you get pregnant more than once you have to get an abortion or just get rid of the baby which shouldn’t be the case,but sadly it is.

Should abortion be illegal? No,it should not. It isn’t anyones right to tell someone what they can and cant do, especially if they can or cant live. The idea of abortion is very hard to grasp because you are literally killing a human being with a soul. Don’t judge someone until you’ve been in their shoes, actually, don’t judge ever.

Abortion is a choice and whether you choose it or not it should still remain a choice available for people who need it,but before making any injudicious decisions think long and hard about the life that you will be taking away.

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