A Guide to Better Self Confidence

By: Hania Tarek

We all doubt ourselves sometimes. We all feel insignificant and inadequate at others. Only to realise that it’s all ultimately in our mind, nothing more. And you know what? That’s okay. There are good days, and there are bad.

Confidence can be one hell of a problem; now more than ever especially considering how much time we spend ogling models and entrepreneurs on social media.

Now this may not seem practical and it may seem stupid but trust me when I tell you to go get a massage. Not only is it relaxing and great for your muscles and body, but it also gives you this very weird sensation of you having the ability to conquer the world! I remember the first time I got a full body massage and I came out of the session feeling radiant all over. I highly advise you to get an early appointment, before noon if you can. Oh, I’d also like to add that not all therapy sessions are expensive, if you go to your local club that has a massage and sauna section, it’s usually very cheap and just as good. My club’s 30 minute session only costs 60 pounds so yea, great!

Keeping in theme of the therapy sessions, try going to the sauna! Something about wearing your bikini, jumping into a steam room, a hot tub, then a fucking cold wash is absolutely amazing to your exterior body, but also to your mood and inner diva to be completely frank. It’s basically you taking time for yourself and appreciating every bit of the blessing that is your body. I also tend to feel badass -a recurring theme today- and sexy which I think we all need to feel that. Do I sound melodramatic? Excuse me s’il te plaît, but I’m feeling playful as I write this.

Get a chop. Go for a blunt chop maybe, whatever makes you feel badass and a boss. Cutting your hair might not sound easy if you’ve long locks that you want and even trimming your split ends is hard. But really, it feels great when you go into the hairdresser and ask her to take off a couple of inches which to you may symbolise growth, or moving forward. It’s especially daring when you go for something unexpected and unpredictable. I know, the people’s voices don’t matter, but it feel incredibly great when someone just stares at how bold you are. Highly recommended and I’m a maniac when it comes to my hair, I need a chop at least every two months.

Work on yourself. Read an article or two about topics that interest you and challenge your mind. Get intellectual or feed your inner detective. Research controversial topics in more ways than one and then deduce something and put them into words. Work, sweat, and fucking achieve because nothing feels better than accomplishments.

Get out of your comfort zone. As much as it feels safe to just stay within the box you’ve drawn around yourself, on the long run it’s much better to just break out of it. The few minutes of awkward and uncomfortable are only temporary and you need to remind yourself of that. There’s so much to do and you don’t even see that. Take risks and go for it as you keep repeating to yourself, “make a fool out of yourself, be fearless.”

Stop. Thinking. About. What. People. Will. Think. Whatever you do, there will be someone who doesn’t support and you’ll find haters, that’s honestly by default and you need to learn and comprehend that pretty well. People’s opinions don’t matter and if you keep trying to please everyone: you’re going to snap. Not everyone will be with, but not everyone will be against. Choose your battles and move forward. The people don’t matter.

It’s a process and you need to constantly work on yourself. Try something new everyday and put people in the back of your head. Get out, and let live.

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