Why Do We Get Attached to People?

By: Maram Faragallah

You want someone to save you. From the demons in your head. Telling you that you’re worth it. You want someone to say it so you could believe it. You want someone to constantly remind you of your beauty. You go around saying outer beauty doesn’t matter when you have a bright soul, but you don’t believe it. You want a prove that you’re beautiful. You want someone to take care of you. Check up on you all the time. Stick to you like a second skin to make you feel like you’re the most important person in someone’s life. You want someone to tell all your problems to, your doubts and your demons. You want life to never turn its back on you. You wanna always have a plan that realistically doesn’t work out. It’s better than having none. You plan for the future. The college, career and relationships. You would never find this person to save you.

No one has this person. All of us are stuck with our demons; their voices. The strongest battle you will fight in the world is for yourself. For who you are. Stop caring what people think. Stop living on normally. It’s boring and it slowly kills you. Stop measuring people’s lives and comparing them to your own. No one can love you because you don’t love yourself. Beware of your flaws and embrace them. Beware of the beauty and swallow it. Everyone is beautiful. I never saw an ugly person before. You have this choice. You decide to see the world as flowers and rain. Or thorns and hurricanes. You decide what to see. I’m not going to tell you you’re beautiful. Don’t fall in love with me for that. Fall in love with yourself because you said you’re beautiful. You closed your eyes and saw angels. You gazed at the stars and saw victims.

I can’t pick a human on this earth who didn’t feel lonely, depressed or fucked up at least once. All of us, and with no exceptions, share pain and problems.

We get attached to people because we think they’ll save us. They’ll grab us from the deep oceans and pull us on land. They will breathe for us and handle our problems. And we wouldn’t be lost in the universe anymore.




It’s human nature to feed on people’s opinions and views. Society’s standards and beliefs. It’s our pass to live on this earth. To be appealing and up to earth’s standards of living.

We’re always deep in our minds; sinking. Life is people drowning fighting every moment for a breath.

Our insecurities are always shouting in our heads. Banging.

No one likes you. No one needs you. You’d die and no one will remember. People would go on with their lives. You’re not important.

It kills us to the point that we hang on every person who comes our way. Between 7 billion people, someone thought we’re worth it. Someone understands. Someone feels a little bit close to the nightmares playing in our heads.

Someone might save us.

Someone might catch us from the free fall

Someone might pull us from the bottom of the ocean.

Someone is here

And that’s enough. That’s all we asked for.

Letting go would be hard. It’s like giving a part of your soul. Left alone we couldn’t fight but with people we would strive.

The darkness was blinding so we preferred the shadows. Two sinking could depend on each other to float. And maybe someday they would pull each other to the shore.

We get attached because you filled that hole in me, and I filled it in you. We didn’t complete each other, we met each other’s needs.

I opened my heart, and you lived there. You were home and I was home. We built a world of two. Filled with thousand. Covered by millions.

We held into each other because we were scared to let go. We would die if we do.

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