Genital Care 2/3: A Quick Guide to Understanding Vaginal Discharge

By: Nour Dawood

Vaginal discharge serves a very important function in the female body. Many people don’t know that the female reproductive system cleanses itself through vaginal discharges; therefore, vaginal discharge is a very normal process, it’s also very important; not only for cleansing your vaginal but its also the best guide to check on your vaginal health, your vaginal discharge tells a lot about how healthy your reproductive system.

Vaginal discharge differs depending on your time in menstrual cycle, the amount can also vary, as can color or odor. The normal discharge color can vary from clear to milky white -ish. For example, there will be more discharge when you’re ovulating, breastfeeding, or sexually aroused. It may smell different when you’re pregnant or when you’re not taking care of your hygiene.

None of those changes should make you feel alarmed, unless you notice a change in odor, consistency, or color, especially if it’s accompanied by vaginal itching or burning, you might be dealing with an infection or other conditions.

List of do’s and don’ts to maintain a healthy vaginal discharge:

1- Girls, I’m begging you. Please, don’t wash your vagina using scented soap or any chemical products; this would literally fuck up your pH level and eventually cause a yeast infection.

2- Bathing in soap/bath bombs are also a no-no. Yeah it’s fun and relaxing, but do it too much. Water is really enough to properly cleanse your vagina, you don’t need to use any other products, plus, your vagina already cleanses itself. By the way, most products contain a lot of chemicals that are carcinogenic (cancer causing), even the so called “all natural” ones, if you’re going to use a bath bomb or any other sort of scented bath product, make sure to check what it’s made of.

3- Wear 100% cotton panties, anything else can cause a yeast infection, a rash, or other severe skin problems. And avoid overly tight clothes.

4- WIPE FRONT TO BACK. It prevents bacteria from entering the vagina and causing an infection (obviously, wiping back to front is stupid once you think about it).

5- Pee after sex (if you have sex). It also expels bacteria that has entered during the intercourse.

photo credit: Women’s Health Mag

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