5 Activities That Can Help You Survive Exam Season – Stress-Free

By: Kanzy Nada

Exams are unfortunately coming up *curses under breath* and we know what comes with that. Stress, anxiety, stress, anxiety and just put this on loop forever. It is so overwhelmingly stressful and I guess you all know how it feels. And teachers aren’t merciful and sensible either, so yeah it is isn’t enough that we are having exams but just add a couple hundred assignments and some more private lessons, and oh I almost forgot more assignments because it’s never enough right? It’s so hectic to the point where I am already feeling stressed merely by imagining what will happen during my exams.

Good thing is: I have a couple of tips on how to relieve stress during this wicked period. They won’t always work, even with me which is weird considering that these are my tips but stress is sometimes too much alright? Blame the damn stupid educational systems.

That being said, here are 5 tips-that will hopefully work- to help you deal with anxiety pre-exam season.

1-  A Movie Night:

Gather your closest friends and throw a movie night because why the hell not? Watching some of your favourite movies with friends and enjoying your time and forgetting about the exams for a couple of hours is certainly not a crime, but rather a necessity. Yup I just justified movie nights instead of studying. Taking a break is important because we aren’t some futuristic robots that work 24/7. But what if you could watch movies that will actually benefit you? Check my other article where I mention some of the best netflix originals that could change your perspective on life, so basically you are relieving your stress and watching something worthwhile at the same time, bingo!

And if you are not the type for friend gatherings, just watch some movies alone but either way don’t forget the popcorn, another vital necessity.

2- Treat yourself:

Before exams I always go shopping, don’t ask me why but it works. I guess that when you are feeling happy you are more willing to study and be productive. You could buy some video games, go clothes-shopping like I do, eat something nice, or even buy some books. Just find something that makes you happy and buy it.

3- Reflecting on life:

Moving onto the deep stuff now shall we? When I am feeling unmotivated I always sit down and just think about life, focusing on my goals and my future. Imagine yourself walking in your company one day and being the entrepreneur you always wanted to be, or an astronaut standing on the moon or my personal favourite, publishing your first novel, i bet y’all are feeling motivated right now by just thinking about your dreams and futures. Use that. You have to pass school to hold your dream in your hands one day. I know that one exam won’t suddenly alter or destroy your future, but trust me it is a great method of motivation and dealing with anxiety.

4- Health first:

Don’t stay up late studying. Never.Do.That.

Don’t miss out on sleep because of exams. Lack of sleep is a reason for stress, and you’re probably already stressed out enough. Sleep well, eat well and if possible do some exercises which is a great way to boost yourself up and feel motivated again.

5- it’s not the apocalypse:

It’s definitely not the end of the world but that doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore your exams. Be consistent. Don’t stress out on something too much when it wont make that big of difference in 10 years from now. Definitely don’t fail your exams, but don’t fail life either. Maintain a balance between your life and your exams, don’t deprive yourself from life essentials because of exams.

I hope y’all ace your tests, and then it’s happy holidays.

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