6 of the Most Famous Weight-Loss Methods That You Should NEVER Try

By: Rawan Aboseif 

Weight gain and weight loss are very serious topics that most people don’t know enough about. Society and other factors give us several insecurities about our bodies. However, weight loss and diets are discussed more than weight gain. Several people decide to go on different forms of diets daily, not knowing how harmful or maybe even toxic they are to their bodies. I for one have tried several types of diets. Some of which gave me fatigue. Others gave me severe mood swings. That’s why I started reading more into the topic in order to understand how harmful I was to my body when I tried to get rid of my extra fat. Of course any chemical diet is known well of being harmful and gaining weight happens faster than usual once you’re done with it. Still, there are several other diets that you never knew were actually harmful.

1. Herbal Teas

You read that one correctly. Herbal teas are widely used as medications and as ways of weight loss. There taste is not that bad, and they are said to come from nature, so what can go bad there? Some herbal teas contain senna leaves. Those leaves start acting against your body. They will cause you to lose electrolytes with your water weight. Such a loss will lead to damages from muscle cramping and cardiac arrest – worst case scenario.

2. Protein Shakes

Widely known for giving your body its needed protein supply, protein shakes have an ambiguous, harmful side that lights are not shed on. Protein shakes can have components that lead you to be bloated, gassy, and in constant need to use the bathroom. Plus, those drinks can have more calories than your entire last meal. Of course this does not apply to all protein shakes, but they do apply to a lot of them.

3. Detoxes

A very trendy way of weight loss that has been sparked from 2015 and continues its glam in several different forms until nowadays are detoxes. The myth of them helping your body lose weight has taken over lots of people’s heads. Detox is mainly a body cleanser. It removes toxins in your body and aids you with digestions. Any other effects that the detox might give you is harmful. Some detoxes cause you to get nausea and through up every grain of food you eat. Others make you feel full and not wanting to eat. Both techniques make you lose weight, but on the expense of your well being. Your body won’t have any food for you body to digest. You will be depriving your body of its essentials and depriving your own self from energy to do basic daily tasks.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Another trendy mechanism that many people are applying. Technically, your body can survive a fasting and food deprivation for a while. Indeed, you’ll be losing weight as well. When we start focusing on the consequences, a major one is the fact that you are depriving your body from food. We’ve been created with the need for water and food. Then, you come and decide to not give your body what it needs. This will just leave you in a bad mood, dehydrated, and nauseous. Over the long run, your body’s metabolism will start decreasing, as this is what long periods of fasting do.

5. Body Chemistry

The number of diets out there that mess with the chemistry of the body are numeral. A major example is the one food diet. This diet basically makes you eat one type of food; wether it is a vegetable, fruit, protein, fat, or carb. You get to spend the entire day just eating that type of food in certain amounts. This will never work. You’ll only lose weight for a while, then it will start backfiring. Your body needs a daily intake of all the types of food, not just one. Then, we have the ketogenic diet. This diet is based on the idea of limiting your carb intake and increasing your fat intake. This stimulates your brain to perform ketosis, which makes your body burn fats instead of crabs in order to supply you with energy. I think I am needless to say why this diet is harmful; it messes with your brain chemistry. Period!

6. Medication-based Diet

When doctors are faced with an obese patient who has a deep desire for food, they decide to give him or her medications that speed up the metabolism or give them the feeling of fullness. These drugs are taken on a daily basis. Firstly, any drug has a harmful effect on the kidneys. If taken on daily basis, it will make your kidneys condition even worse. Secondly, not all these medications are approved. Some of them have serious side effects and are not allowed to be admitted to patients, yet doctors would prescribe them. Lastly, medications main purpose in life in general is to have an effect on the chemicals of the body in a way or another in order to perform a certain effect. The diet medications will do the same. They will mess with your body’s chemistry as well.

By now, I believe you already get the message that I am trying to deliver. A proper diet that can help you lose weight and stay healthy is a diet than includes three daily meals that include all the body requirements. In order to have better effects and naturally increase your metabolism, you can practice some sports and do daily workouts under the supervision of a trainer/expert. This is the only way to naturally lose weight and become fit without any effect on your body.

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