5 Reasons Why You’re Procrastinating and How to Stop

By: Renad Khaled




the action of delaying or postponing something.

Procrastination, something we’ve all pretty much mastered for absolutely no good reason. We’re all exceedingly good at ignoring tasks till the last minute, it’s like we love being stressed. Well, i’m here to clarify the 5 main reasons behind procrastination and how to put an end to them.


We all tend to have zero motivation when it comes to completing a task we’re not thrilled about, whether it’s an uninteresting assignment or a boring chore. In this case, what you might want to do is divide the task into very small chunks, and complete each chunk separately, that’ll make it easier as you won’t have to spend up to 3 hours working on an assignment, instead you’ll spend 15 to 20 minutes at a time. You can also try shifting your focus to the goal, not the actual task so, instead of thinking about the process of completing the task, think about the grades you’ll get if you finish the assignment or the cash you’ll get from your parents if you get a chore done. 


You might think i’m an idiot now, because how can a perfectionist procrastinate? well, trust me, they do. Perfectionists will always want their outcome to be as flawless and well put together as possible, so they tend to postpone a task to a time where they assume they’ll be less anxious or a time where they’ll have a calm headspace so they can come out with a perfectly completed task. What usually occurs is that this ‘no-anxiousness zone’ doesn’t come within the time period before the deadline, which eventually results in more stress and a high level of sloppiness (for a perfectionist). Instead of waiting for this fairly calm headspace you can get started and make your environment calm and suitable for work! You can jot down whatever’s on your mind on a piece of paper, clean the space around you, grab your favorite drink and get started because I cannot guarantee that this headspace will occur soon, unless you make it occur. 


Been there, done that. We all have this very high level of self-doubt that’s just always making a grand entrance whenever we’re assigned a task or whenever we want to get something done. With the self-doubt comes the anxiety and accompanied with it is our best friend, procrastination. You should know that self-doubt is a monster we create for ourselves, so postponing the task until there’s no more self-doubt means that we’ll postpone forever. Stop doubting yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to, all you gotta do is keep your goals realistic.


Very common, yet we never put an end to it. We come back home from school or uni and all we can think about is plopping down on the comfortable couch and never getting up, and this is when we can start welcoming procrastination and demotivation. I can’t tell you to not rest when you come back home, but you need to learn how to limit the time you spend resting. 3 hours of resting will do you no good, but maybe a 30 minute nap and a snack can get you back up and help you stay productive for the rest of your day. 


This happens a lot, and when it does, we take it as an excuse to disregard the whole day. Imagine you snooze your alarm for the millionth time and when you finally wake up and look at the clock, you realize that you’ve slept in for an extra 2 and a half hours. Instead of rushing up and starting your day, you think to yourself ‘I’m already having a delay in the schedule I set to myself, so ill just shift everything till tomorrow’ and this is procrastination 101. Please stop doing that, and i’m addressing myself too. Delaying everything because you had a bad start is definitely inconvenient, but getting up and getting started to save up for the lost time is more convenient. Create another start for yourself instead of being unproductive for the rest of the day. 

Here are some quick tips to help you stop procrastinating: 

  • Quit trying to be perfect. 
  • Make To-Do lists and reward yourself after ticking everything. 
  • Imagine how you’ll feel after completing a task. 
  • Tell others about your goals so they can motivate you. 
  • Stop over-complicating things. 

Well, this it it! Think about what’s causing your delay and just get rid of it, because i’m positive that it’s a simple obstacle that you’re just lazy to eliminate, and remember that we all procrastinate at times, but what’s important is that we should try to make it less of a habit and more of a rare occurrence. Now leave your phone and get productive! 

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