The Law of Attraction: How to Make the World Work for You

By: Youmna Halawa

Have you ever been thinking of someone you didn’t see in a while and then you find a text from them? Have you ever imagined a situation to find it happening the same way later? We’ve all had some of these mindblowing moments. And it might not be a coincidence. 

Wait.. now you’re going to ask me “Do you mean that when I imagine something, it’s going to happen?” And I’m telling you: YES. Imagine your report card with straight A’s and in a while it’s going to be there the same way you imagined it. Imagine you’re having a blast at a party and then you’ll find a text from a friend inviting you to one. Imagine meeting your soulmate and then you’re going to meet someone who’s perfect for you. Imagine a million dollars and POOF they’re right there infront of you. Welll…maybe it’s not that easy and it’s not exactly that way (because if it  were, wouldn’t we all live happily ever after?) but still, that’s kinda what I mean and it’s something called the law of attraction.

Warning: Deepness Ahead!

Some people believe the law of attraction is the power to believe thus manifest what you believe in. Through focusing on what you want, you are able to attract it. Law of attraction uses the power of the mind to translate our thoughts into reality. And to some people’s surprise, it’s not this New Age theory. Buddha said “what you have become is what you have thought.” There is also karma, “what goes around comes around.” Moreover, people swear to have found ways to make the law of attraction manifest wealth, a better love life, and better physical and mental health, believe it or not.

But careful with that cause the law of attraction can be applicable to the bad stuff as well. When you focus on the negative, what you don’t have, what you want to change, what you don’t like, it won’t really help, that’s the problem. You think that way things will change for the better, and that little thing that pesters you will go away and things will be PERFECT. Nope, sorry dude, that’s not how things go if you don’t want to live your life worrying, drowning in negativity, and having absolutely no control on your life. And news is 99% of us fall into this trap.

Coming down to a more logical meaning, it’s all about control really, I don’t want you to believe that the law of attraction is this wow metaphysical magical thing that creates what we want if we think about it long and well enough. It’s more about getting in harmony with something that already exists, cause actually everything that you want already exists and is possible. The law of attraction is basically rewiring your thoughts, to change your actions, which will eventually change the outcomes for sure. All of your actions are based on and created by your thoughts, so when you improve the quality of your thoughts you improve the quality of your life. Simple. 

It may not happen quickly but when you start having more positive thoughts, focusing on the good you have, invisioning your best self, not worrying and imagining the worst case scenarios, your subconscious resonates to this positive “vibe”. It works on your subconscious until you are acting from a strong, balanced, controlled, and CONFIDENT position. You’ll be taking bolder actions without your subconscious resisting it with self doubt, worries, and fears. You will unconsciously be attracted to positivity, avoiding negativity, and through your imagination what you want will be drawn to you! 

Here’s what to do:

You’ll just have to turn your thought pattern in alignment with the possibility rather than the absence of it. Imagine having the mindset that puts you on the verge of your greatest possibilities. Imagine being confident enough that you can’t be shook. That, everyone, is the only thing that when you build yourself no one can take it away from you. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, and only you can build it. The keys are your thoughts and imagination.

Imagination is for free y’all. For every second of our lives, we are sending out thoughts and emotions and getting back what we’ve put out. So stop worrying about what could go wrong. Own and control your life. Acknowledge what you have. Focus on what you want, and dismiss the idea that you don’t have it. Imagine you have it. Imagine the steps you’ll take. And it’ll all be one action away. Then let the law of attraction work it into your life, it’s like magic, and you’re the magician.

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