The Nostalgic Binge – 30 Flashback Cartoons You Probably Miss

By: Zeina El Mofty

As a child, the highlight of my day used to be laying on my mom’s bed, turning off all lights and watching my favorite cartoons till bed time. I used to watch cartoons to the point where I memorized the lines of every single episode of every single cartoon I watched and still rewatched them anyway. “Through the Labyrinth That is a Teen’s Mind- Welcome to Zeina’s Resort” , the article I wrote about the theme park/resort/maze/my brain to express its complexity, honestly made me realize how innocent and simple my brain used to be formatted till I was a 10 year old bean and I miss it so damn much. If you don’t miss it too, here are 30 flashback cartoons that would probably change your mind. 

1- SpongeBob Square Pants
Somehow my 8 year old butt never found it weird that a Sponge lived inside a pineapple under the sea and had a starfish and a squirrel as his befriends. I didn’t even acknowledge the messed up fact that a plankton had a restaurant that literally sells chum aka rotten fish (or something along the same category) as food to other fish. I loved SpongeBob regardless to all that and i still do. Good news is that i still remember the theme song and still remained a SpongeBob whilst most my friends morphed into a SquidWard. What’s bad news though is the fact that I still don’t know what a Krabby Patty tastes like- I’ve been craving it since forever.

2- PowerPuff Girls

Can we just appreciate that it’s the first ever cartoon to teach us girl power and spark our feminism? Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup taught us to be badass, and still be cute while doing it.

3- Ed , Edd n Eddy 

The three dudes who loved eating jawbreakers, were most probably high and did meaningless stuff. If you used to watch them, we both know that you don’t know the reason you watched them and most importantly why you enjoyed it.

4-Totally Spies 

BACK AT IT WITH THE GIRL POWER BABY! Whether you’re a boy or a girl , if you did watch totally spies, you most definitely enjoyed it. Don’t try and convince me you didn’t because you know you lyin’ bro. You probably already have in mind your favorite spy. Again with the sass and the badass. Oh and don’t get me started on their laser lipstick urgh.

5- Danny Phantom (aka داني الشبح)

We all had a crush on him. Don’t deny it. End of discussion.

6- Recess

It’s probably weird and well, kind of messed up but i had no friends as a child and the recess crew were sort of kind of my best friends. Hey, don’t judge me they were lit.

7-Fairly odd Parents

Umm if you don’t know who Timmy Turner is you are seriously missing out, he is literally the luckiest child that ever existed. Or is he?

9-Dandy and Mr.Whiskers

Literally my best friend and I. We’re opposites , we fight , but we’re he inseparable combo. (Aweeee) 

10-Ben 10 

All girls hated his guts at first but had the hugest crush on him when he became a teenager. Ehm…i still do. 

11- Jimmy Neutron

I’ve always felt a pinch of jealousy towards him. He was a genius and he was too annoying to deserve it. I enjoyed watching him regardless though.

12- The Emperor’s New School

Who didn’t ship Kuzco and Malina? I mean, they’re too cute not to. The series literally embodied the typical high school life in the most exaggerated and funny way possible and i loved it (even though i was still in primary school by then). Looking back now, a lot of things i never understood then make much more sense now. PS. We all know we have this one friend that is a typical copycat of Kronk.


Yet another genius I was kinda jealous of, and got a ton of satisfaction when Didi, his sister, messed up his inventions. Sweet , sweet Didi.

14- Scooby Doo

Apart from all the creepy shit, this show has taught me and all of us that your best friend doesn’t always have to be a human , doggos are just as good (if not better, there I said it).

15-Tom and Jerry

The show that no matter how old you are or how many times you’ve watched it, you can always sit and enjoy it again.


Coolest baby squad do do do do do do.

17- Johnny Bravo

Somehow I thought it was okay that all the guy did was catcall ladies in the street and want to get with them. Talk about inappropriate? Why the hell was this a cartoon for freaking kids?

18- Samurai Jack 

Hands down the weirdest cartoon I’ve ever seen and probably the reason I am what I am today. 

19- Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

The show somewhere between messed-the-hell-up and pretty cute.

20- Avatar the last AirBender

A show with content that has a quality equally as good as a Netflix original series. 

21- Phenias and Ferb 

The , possible supernatural, brothers whom i wish where my own because they take advantage of every single summer day instead of staying on their beds complaining about the weather like my lazy self does most if the time.

22- Courage the Cowardly Dog

THE CREEPIEST SHOW TO EVER EXIST. Why the hell would there be a pink dog who talks and lives with a couple at least a hundred and seven years old in a place called nowhere. I’ve heard a theory about it today so better hear me out. So basically, the cartoon is about life in the perspective of a dog.Normal things and people look and feel very dangerous to the dog even though they’re the complete opposite, and the dog does everything to protect his owners from them. The dog’s whole world is only inside his owners’ house, that’s why it supposedly located in the middle of no where. Bam. 

23- Kim Possible

ALL HALE OUR QUEEN. Probably the first ever female solo lead in a cartoon , with a male side-kick and best friend who she later falls in love with. Urgh *dramatic applause with preaching face*

24- The Replacements 

Supposedly two siblings who ordered parents , which , to their luck, were a spy mother and a daredevil father, get to replace any adult they don’t like with one they don’t get to choose. Pretty impressive and a little messed up don’t you think?


Umm..someone please explain to me why I haven’t become a psychopath after watching such…thing.


The Cartoon my fetus self adored and grown up self freaked out about after knowing that each TeleTubby is 3.05 meters tall. 

27-Thomas the Freaking Train



The cartoon all our mothers used to get us to eat spinach yet still miserably failed.

29- Galactic Football

Throwback to my TomBoy days, when i was obsessed with this show. It was like a cartoon soap opera, oh and it had female players within the team (inserts proud crying mother meme).

30-Detective Conan

Last but not least, the show probably no one finished yet everyone loved, Detective Conan. The cartoon that triggered the tiny detective inside each of us to bloom. No matter how old i get, I’ll have so much respect for the dude.

Cartoons can be weird, messed up, meaningless and sometimes life changing. Whether you did feel nostalgic or not, whether you did or did not miss watching them and whether you still do or stopped, you can’t deny cartoons have shaped your childhood one way or another and made you the person you are today. Unless you never watch cartoons, if so we can’t be friends sorry.

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