10 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for Winter Season

By: Youssef Tawfik

Hey Guys! It’s me AGAIN, so today I am going to help you prep for winter season. WOOHOO!! I love winter, I love the cold, the rain, the clothes, the food, and everything! I am going to tell you 10 things to do that will help you prep for winter.

  1. Take your flu shots!! (this might sting but you need it)

You don’t want to stay sick all winter season, go now to your doctor and schedule a flu shot appointment. The vaccines cause antibodies to develop in your body around 2 weeks after you take it. This seasonal flu shot protects you against influenza viruses that usually come in the winter.

2) Put all the winter clothes into your closet NOW!

Your closet now is full of summer clothes; t-shirts, shorts, caps, and swimming suits. But now we are changing seasons, and winter is coming! *Game of Thrones catchphrase* You need to have gloves, pullovers, long sleeve shirts, scarves, boots, and all these nice winter things. For sure, you have some from last year, and if you don’t or they’ve become small then go to point three.

3) Shop if you don’t have WINTER clothes

Now, if you do not have winter clothes for whatever reason then you need to go one day and shop for some winter clothes. Like the ones listed here, gloves, plovers, long sleeve shirts, scarfs, and boots. Nice shops to buy from are Hollister, H & M, Abercrombie and Fitch, Zara, American Eagle, Celio, and there are many other nice shops. Go there and buy clothes, and if you want some advice send me an email I can help, yousseftawfik99@gmail.com .

4) Get heaters

If you don’t have get some heaters, some people have central heating. You will need them, especially if you get cold. As it seems that this year the weather will be a little cold, compared to other years.

They are really not expensive, and will help you loads!

5) Make a gift checklist for Christmas

Winter means CHRISTMAS!!!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year, now go make a checklist with all the nice gifts you want to get your friends and family members. I would recommend you to buy them from Amazon early, so they arrive exactly on time. This is the funnest part.

6) Get all those recipes for nice winter food

We all know that winter means we stay in hibernation mode, we just keep eating and watching TV! So go look for all those nice recipes of winter food, you can find many at Tasty.com, and pinterest too. You can make soups, pie, cakes, stew, quiche, and a million other plates!!

7) Stay fit and healthy

Even though it is winter, some of us still want to lose weight or maintain our weight. So try to eat less, exercise more. Look for healthy recipes and you can just pass this winter season fine, if you make sure to balance between taking care of you and indulging. 

8) Make a list of movies and TV shows to watch

So, the most important part is to know what movies and tv shows you’re going to watch while eating food that will make you FAT! Netflix has amazing movies and tv shows, make a list from there or just watch some TV!

9) Make a list of books to read

To all of you who like reading books, make a list of all the books you wanted to read and read them now. You’re going to be cold, and at home read a book to pass some time and leave reality for some time.

10) Book a nice winter holiday

Lastly and most importantly, go book a nice relaxing winter holiday. Use booking.com, tripadvisor, airbnb, your travel agent anything just go and have fun! I love planning holidays, and love travelling so I can make you go there and have the time of your life.

Have a wonderful winter!

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