Girls, You Don’t Have to Be Thick, Skinny, or Anything Really

By: Renad Khaled

Why is it that we, girls, feel obliged to have this perfect body that’s just under 60kg, a minimum of a C cup and a perky butt? And why do we tend to feel ill-favored if we don’t have at least one of these traits? I’m here to tell you that not a single person, a single stereotype or a single assumption should make you feel less beautiful. We tend to judge the simple things we have, and we automatically assume that they’re ‘unflattering’. The birthmark on your thigh, the freckles on your face or the burns on your arm are what makes you, YOU.

There’s this idea or vision of the ‘perfect’ body that’s standardized, and no matter how many times we aim to remove or change this vision, we somewhat fail. What you can do is stop this vision from getting to you personally. You’ve got to believe that you don’t need to have a flat and toned stomach or a thigh gap to fit in the category that’s sadly established because we all know for a fact that this shouldn’t even exist. Having this perfect body guarantees absolutely nothing, it won’t make you happier, it won’t make you successful and it shouldn’t make you feel more beautiful, there are a ton of other factors, so i’m begging you to stop comparing your one-of-a-kind body to the society’s unrealistic and boring expectations, they’re toxic and I bet they’ll only help in making you insecure and self-conscious.

There is a vastly high range of body types, and there is also a vastly high range of ways the body reacts to weight gain or loss, so there is absolutely no way we’ll have identical bodies that feed the society’s wants and expectations. You need to let that sink in, because no matter what, there can’t be a certain body shape that all girls are expected to have. We have different bodies with different heights and shapes, so you SHOULD be able to feel good in your own skin. The details in your body that you might not like are what differentiates you from other girls, they’re what makes you special and what define you, so instead of hating on your traits, accept and love them because this is, for a fact, a path going through the journey of self love.

Doing what makes YOU happy is the only way you’ll feel more confident and become a better version of yourself. If you want to lay down, relax and snack on a bag of chips, please do that without letting shame get ahold of you, and if you wanna commit to a diet and have a workout plan, feel free to do that as well without having the mindset of ‘fitting in’ because trust me, you’ll never keep up, you should have the mindset of ‘i’m doing this for ME’ instead, that will help get you motivated rather than stressed.


What i’m trying to clarify here is that you shouldn’t feel obligated to lose or gain weight to sustain the society’s wants, you should strive to feel happy, you should set your own goals for yourself instead of letting the toxic world we live in set it for you. Be happy and relax, because every single aspect about your unique body is beautiful.


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