MOVEMBER – Here’s All the Awareness You Need About Prostate Cancer

By: Rawan Khalil and Youssef Tawfik

Many people are scared of cancer, it is just this terrible thought that everyone tends to choose to avoid and never talk about unless they absolutely have to, now the thing about prostate cancer is that it is very common. Actually, 1 out of 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, that is just less than 15% of men.

This month is considered Prostate Cancer Awareness month, Movember. You may see people raising awareness by growing their beards/moustaches and not shaving them; No-shave November. The aim is to basically embrace your hair by allowing it to grow freely and then donating the money which one would usually spend on the grooming to charity.

Raising awareness is extremely vital – especially if we keep in mind the statistics, and how much your risk of developing a late stage prostate cancer which may incurable just increases because you may not be aware of the symptoms or the risk factors. All the little things add up and keeping them in mind as health precautions the same way you brush your teeth every morning to not develop plaque could save a soul.

This is not about fear with the medical facilities we have today in twenty first century, this is about awareness and doing what is best for your health.

Let us put everything into perspective using statistics (facts) :

  1. Around 1/7 men get diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  2. Around 1/39 men die from prostate cancer.
  3. 80% of men above the age of 80 have prostate cancer cells.


The numbers above might seem very small to you or maybe scary! Men die from this disease, and some stay with it forever enduring the pain every single day until their death. The big problem with prostate cancer is that it basically is a ghost in its early stages and you cannot really tell symptoms, which signifies the importance of regular check ups. It is SUPER important that you go and do regular check ups, just to make sure no cancerous cells are lurking in your system.

When men don’t go for regular check ups, and they do get diagnosed with prostate cancer the following are some of the symptoms they experience; which shows that they may have cancerous cells in their system penis:

  • Difficulty urinating
  • Decreased force in the stream of urine
  • Blood in semen
  • Discomfort in the pelvic area
  • Bone pain
  • Erectile dysfunction



Currently, research has not show any main cause for prostate cancer, however, they did manage to narrow down risk factors. These are:

  • diet men follow and the following would increase the risk of development of prostate cancer:
  1. high dietary fat,
  2. as well as the lack of fruits and vegetables

This is very odd but prostate cancer is way more notable in countries were dietary staples include meat and dairy/milk products in contrast to a country where staples are rice, vegetables and soybean.

  • Family history
  • Age
  • obesity
  • Race does play a major role as well; african american men are 60% more likely of developing prostate cancer than white american men for example
  • It has been noted by researchers that some racial groups whom migrate from their countries to the US for example suddenly have a much higher risk of developing prostate cancer, and they until now are incapable of finding legitimate reasons.


To prevent we can try to reduce the risk factors, as well as choosing to eat healthier food- instead of the intake of supplements like vitamin D supplements it would be a better idea to switch to eating fresh oranges. Also, exercise- maybe going for a walk once a week and not as an obligation more but for fun. You can do it with your friends, or alone to connect to your body and spirituality.

And don’t forget early diagnosis could save your life!


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